May 1, 2017

April, Easter and snowy Spring!

Hello Dear Friends!

The second half of April started but it looks like In Poland Winter forgot to go away. But let us start from the beginning.

Easter snow. That is how my garden looked like on Easter morning :)

First of all I spent a lot of time at home lastly. Why? I got chicken pox! I was the only one among teachers but a lot of kids from my kindergarten got it. So I spend two weeks at home resting and taking some medicines. It went quite gently for me the only trouble was a high fever that I had during the first three days. When the fever dropped I had some time to read, stitch and prepare my Easter.

Unfortunately because of my illness I missed the annual Easter Fair that we have in Montessori. I did all the tasks that I was asked to do like baking a lot of cookies, prepare painted branches, made some Easter ornaments. I also prepared some Easter cards with kids from my group and we learned a cute song “bunny hop” and a dance to portray the lyrics of this song. I wasn’t able to sing it with my children due to my sickness, but as far as I know it went really well. Here are some pics from our Easter Fair that were published on our kindergarten facebook account:

One of the Easter cards we created.

Chicken cokies - crunchy round pieces with lemon coating.

Another lemon cookies with powder sugar.

Coconut cookies with a lot of  coconut shreds.

French pastry cookies with sugar

We had a lot of things to do at home as well. A lot of cleaning, baking and cooking. Together with my mum we made delicious food and nice decorations to bring the Easter spirit to our house. During the Great Week I’ve been also helping my friend Peter – who is a musician and organist in our church – while he was playing during the ceremonies. I’ve been some kind of technical support for him (I’ve been handling the digital projector and taking care of some technical stuff). I like working with him so I was really pleased that I could help this time.

All the crochet decorations are made by my dear Aunt Barbara. She can do such a lovely things with her threads and crochet hook!

My tiny little yorkie - Sequin - was also well prepared for Easter. He even went to hairdresser :). And - thanks to nice lady there - he transformed from a pile of fluff into real Yorkshire Terrier:

Before :)

After :)

 During my time at home I’ve been spending my time mostly on reading and stitching. That is how I managed to read some nice books both in English and Polish.  When my parents friend get to know that I am ill and spending my time in bed she came to visit us and bring me bags full of books so I won’t get bored. It was really nice. I found some interesting positions there.

And, the last but not least, some stitching. I haven’t done as much as I could as always. First of all I’ve made some felt sacks combined with some stitching. Here is one of them – with some Easter bunny. I found out that working with felt is really nice (some time ago I’ve made a felt box) so I hope to create more of felt-stitched pieces one day. And there are some cross stitched pieces that I don’t know what to do with yet.

Bunny silhouette with some pastels in the background.

Finished bunny sachet.

Before I attached the bow on the top

And some that are still unfinished:

Hawaian statue with flowers

Anither bunny saschet - this time black

Divergent symbols (I am with love with this books)

As yoou can see I still have a lot of WIP's and the pile is growing instead of shrinking ;).  I like starting new projects so much! But I promise: I will finish them one day :)

That’s all for today. Thank You for your visit. See You next time.


  1. Sorry to hear about your chicken pox. Hope you are fully recovered! Cute stitching and delicious looking treats!

  2. Oh my! Chicken pox! I am sorry to hear this Weronika. I have never had them myself. I am glad you are done with them now. Your Easter was still beautiful. So is your little Sequin. ;)

  3. So sorry to hear that you got chicken pox....hope you are well on the mend now. Great stitching!

  4. Sorry to read that you were ill. Quite obviously you haven't had chicken pox as a child. People say that it's worse when you get it as an adult. But good to know that you are healthy again.
    Great cakes and cookies that you prepared for Easter.

  5. You have been so busy preparing things for school. So it must have been more than horrible to have all the damages fixed while you had to work so much. I hope that the situation has been sorted out by now.