Apr 2, 2016

How is it to be a (Montessori) teacher... Part 1. - The way to be a teacher.

 To start with being a teacher isn't easy. If you would like to choose this way in your life you have to be prepared for many difficulties and obstacles. First you have to complete your higher education. People mostly see pedagogics as a easy studies. They take it as the second or even last option when they won't be accepted to any other university course. While I was talking with my friends from highschool and we've been discussing our future studies and work, they all thought that I am choosing pedagogics because it is the easiest one and that I have no chances for work after I graduate. Then while I was already studying many people that I was talking with, were treating my studies as easy and funny kind. They all thought that you can't fail an exam there and that you only sing, dance, paint and doing things exactly the same as kids in preschools and primary schools does. But it wasn't so easy.
  Yes, it's true that we had courses like: music (including f.ex. history of music and composers bios), art (includine history of art, artists bios, different ways of creatng an art) and PE but pedagogics is much more than that. During 5 years of my university studies I took courses like:
  • the history of upbringing kids,
  • biomedic background of human development ,
  • musical education,
  • art education,
  • voice emission,
  • computer science,
  • introduction to psychology,
  • introduction to sociology,
  • social pathologies,
  • intrduction to general didactics,
  • psychology of development and personality,
  • theorethical background of development,
  • introduction to pedagogy,
  • philosophy,
  • PE,
  • methodology of work in afterschool club,
  • preschool pedagogy,
  • primary school pedagogy,
  • social pedagogy,
  • language teaching background,
  • psyhology of individual differeneces,
  • sociology of education,
  • methodology of PE,
  • integrative education,
  • logopedics,
  • media in preschool and primary school education,
  • methodology of primary school teaching,
  • methodology of preschool teaching,
  • methodology of math teaching,
  • background of biology,
  • pedagogy of game,
  • sociology of family,
  • pedagogical therapy,
  • methodology of polish language teaching,
  • pedagogical doctrines,
  • sexual education,
  • professional ethics,
  • children literature,
  • methods and techniques of pedagogical research,
  • environmental education,
  • furtherance of children speech,
  • modern theories of children upbringing,
  • anthropology,
  • logic,
  • methodology of social studies,
  • general pedagogics,
  • special needs pedagogics,
  • pedeutology,
  • statistics research in pedagogics,
  • education policy,
  • comparative pedagogics,
  • modern philosophy and ethic concepts,
  • modern psychology probems,
  • modern sociology problems,
  • andragogy,
  • pedagogical diagnosis,
  • regional education,
  • methodology of custodial care,
  • pedagogy of abilities and creativity,
  • integration in education,
  • knowledge constructing methods,
  • health education,
  • innovations in elementary pedagigics,
  • organisation and law in education,
  • social prophylaxis.
Besides we have to took three turns of placements in diferent kindergartens and primary schools that last together about 2 months. Each of those courses ends up with exam (at least 65 during 5 years and uncountable smaller exams during school year). After first two years we had to write bachelor thesis and pass the exam to get the bachelor degree, then after next 2 years we had to write our master thesis and pass the exam to get the master degree.

Then you have your master degree! Finally! Now it is time to find work... You are sending your CV's everywhere during whole summer time. But then a call! “Montessori preschool, we would like to invite you for an interview”. Then you're sittng in front of a headmaster. Answering questions that form to the informations that you wrote in your CV. “Why this place? Do you really know English? What have you been doing during your voluntary service? What will you do if a kid in your classroom refuse to work?”. And then, after a few long minutes of waiting there is a result of all your foregoing work: You are accepted for work as a teacher in our kindergarten.

To be continued...


  1. This is most interesting Weronika.

    1. I am very glad that you like it. There will be more interesting things about my work here soon.

  2. No, you're correct, Weronika--being a teacher is not easy. And a good teacher can have such a wonderful affect on a student's future. I still remember my favorite teachers from when I was young :) I'm glad your knowledge of English helped in getting your job--you speak it very well!