Feb 5, 2016

A little bit about my work…

Hello, hello!

I know I haven’t been posting for a while but I am so busy that I have not much time for anything. Books are waiting to be read, needles and threads are waiting to be stitched into a picture and many other thing are lying somewhere abandoned. I spend a lot of my time preparing for my work with kids. My preschoolers are very demanding J. But I love my work. That’s why I really like to prepare things for them. Here are some helpers I made for them for a winter season.

1. winter animals - penguins (with a "penguin dance" song), polar bears and arctic animals

Penguins memory game

Polar bears (for counting)

Penguins with fishes (for counting and division)

Arctic animals (to make a book about animals that like cold weather)
2. During our morning routine we like to count:


Igloo (will every Eskimo find his home?)

And little boys in their winter clothes

3. We also learn about nature for example what animals are hatching out from an egg

Or what kind of creatures can live in a river, sea or ocean

Memory game

Pieces for a book about sea creatures

Because we have carnival we also made some great masks! The one that you can see over our board was made by all my students. They created this beautiful mask from construction paper, blotting paper and bristol board.

My students love puzzles! That’s why I am making a lot of them for our classes. We are building them together and learning words connected with the pictures on them.

We’ve learned about Groundhog Day and what does it mean when this little creature will see his shadow. We are counting by tens every day and represent those big numbers by colorful stripes of paper.

And soon we will read a story of Snow white as well as the story of “The Mitten”. In February we will also celebrate Valentine’s Day, learn more about different emotions that we can feel and exercise our mind by finding pairs of cups and hearts of the same color.

We also had a wonderful costume party! While our guests from Tajikistan and China were still with us we had a costume party for kids, parents and stuff. Our guests were wearing their national clothes. I was dressed up as Alice in Wonderland. Do I look like her?

Jafar, me and Jian 

I was also gifted with my name written in Chinese :)

And this is “Montessori Preschool” written in this language. It will hang on the wall in my workplace.

And at the end a piece of stitching that I am doing now. Or I should say I’ve started and it is waiting for me to come back to it. Can you guess what it will be?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post!

See You next time!



  1. I see your children love animals. :)Yes! I guessed Alice In Wonderland right away. Good job! I do believe you are stitching a horse.

  2. I bet all the kids like coming to your class because it looks like fun. I'm with Vickie, it does look like a horse you are stitching. Look forward to seeing more.

  3. It sounds like you truly love teaching and I'm sure your students are so happy to have you as their teacher, Weronika! Love the Alice costume--it is perfect :)

  4. A very interesting insight into your teaching job. So many things that you prepare for your pre-schoolers, no wonder that you rarely have time for your hobbies. But teaching these little kids is so rewarding, isn't it?

  5. It was fun seeing all the things you make for the kiddos. It surely looks fun in your class.

  6. Your Alice in Wonderland outfit was perfect, and I love seeing all the school projects!