Oct 21, 2015

Guest from Albania, Teacher’s Day, school news and autumn around!

As I’ve wrote you recently we’ve got a guest in our kindergarten.  Ejona Gjata came to us to tell us about her homeland – Albania. She visited Poland as a part of AIESEC program which is an international apprenticeship program. Ejona spend some time in our kindergarten as well as in our partnership school. She led some classes with our kids, sang some songs, did some art work with them. She showed us some wonderful pictures from Albania, told us about their culture, flag and its meaning and sang their national anthem with us. Or kids prepared songs and albums about Poland that Ejona took back to Albania. I hope we’ll be able to have more guests from all over the world in my workplace. I really enjoyed her visit. I am also proud of myself as I done really well as her interpreter in all groups she visited as well as on our private conversation with my headmaster.

From left: Mrs. Chaczko (Ejona's host family), me, my Headmaster Mr. Lalewicz and Ejona Gjata

On October 14th we celebrate National Education Day in Poland. It’s the day when kids and parents can especially show their appreciation for teachers. Even is in our kindergarten we don’t have any special gala because of that day (in contrast to schools) parents and kids celebrate this day by giving us little gifts and flowers. It is really cute to see my little ones coming to us with a flower and wish us “best on teacher’s day”, giving hugs and kisses. This year my group was the one that gave the most gifts and flowers to us ;) so our classroom window sill was all covered with flowers, gifts, sweets and self made greeting cards.

Teacher;s Day gifts

Autumn starts for good. In my classroom we celebrated it by changing the season picture on our calendar.

Calendar in our classroom

During our morning routine in group, which works with immersion method, we are greeting each other with a “good morning” song, then we tell how do we feel and we update our calendar. On the cork board we have the name of the current month and the date, day of the week, picture that shows current season and weather. Each day kids have to pick the proper pieces that they pin to the board. They are always very eager to do this. As there are just few pieces that we change every day there is always a big stir about who will do it J

Four seasons


Days of the week


Seasons again

From last week we also sing new song which is called “colors dance”. This one is a hit! Sometimes they want to sing it twice or more! I want to teach them many other songs as I see that they enjoy singing very much. Lastly headmaster told me that one of parents from my group said to him that her daughter (3y.o.) is singing those songs all the time while she is at home! I felt so proud and happy when he told me that!

They understand a lot and they try to speak as well. I am talking to them mostly in English, I try to use a lot of gestures to help them understand and I also encourage them to talk in English. They don’t build sentences yet but they use single words to describe things, mostly they use nouns (paper, stapler, crayons, scissors, sharpener, pencil, paper towel…). It leads to funny situations and conversations when they build sentence in Polish and they put just one word in English into it. It looks like this:
Gabriel: “Przyniosę Pani stapler.” (“I will bring you a stapler.”)

Lena:  “Natemperuje mi Pani pencil?” (“Will you sharpen my pencil?”)

Nina: “Mogę iść do toilet?” („Can I go to the toilet?”)

As well as to situation like this:
Me: “Bring me the white carpet please.”
Zosia looks at me very steadily
Me (again, slowly, showing the rectangular shape on the floor): “Bring me the white carpet please.”
Zosia thinking intensely
Me (again, showing the rectangular shape on the floor): “White carpet”
Zosia: “Dywan?” (“Carpet?”)
Me (triumphantly): Yes! Carpet!
Zosia, proud of herself and happy, brings the carpet. She places it on the floor and says: “Carpet!”

Another one. I was working with little Simon (2,5 y.o.). We’ve been working with farm animals figurines:
Me (showing Simon a cow figurine): What is this?
Simon: Yyyyy, krowa. (“Yyyy, cow.”)
Me: “Yes it’s a cow. Say – cow.”
Simon: “Yyyyy, cow.”
Me: (showing Simon a dog): What is this?
Simon: “Yyyyy, dog.”
Me (happy!): “Yes it’s a dog!”, I’m showing him a donkey figurine “What is this?”
Simon: “Yyyy, nie wiem” (Yyyy, I don’t know…)
Me: (imitating donkey sound) “iii-ooo, iii-ooo”
Simon: “Yyyyy, osioł. Donkey”
Me: (proud as a peacock) “Yes! It’s a donkey!”

As the English immersion is quite a new thing in our kindergarten so I have to prepare a lot of Montessori helpers in English. Using the pattern from Polish ones I am making many different things that will help me and my students to learn. So I already created memory cards with flowers and planets, adult-baby animals matching, fabric patterns with their names, calendar, happy/sad faces to express emotions (by now I use only those two, but then I will extend to another one), animals and their houses, opposites, old maid game with animals and fruits. You can see some of them here:

If somebody has got any ideas for interesting things that can be use with children about 2,5-7 y.o. then I will be very glad to get some tips from you. If there is anyone related to teaching at all or especially with teaching in Montessori institution I will be very glad for any tips and ideas for teaching. I hope to have some more school news for you soon. Headmaster promised me to tape how my kids are singing our songs, so if I he will do it I will surely post it here so you can see them “in action”. J

And for the very end: this is how autumn looks like from my window. It is quite depressing for me L I definitely prefer spring and summer.

Sometimes I just want to stay in my bed with a cup of hot coffee or tea instead of go to work and then on my extra classes with kids. By now I have 5 students what gives me 7 hours of extra classes each week. One more is waiting in queue, as I haven’t got time to take her now, so she is waiting for a moment when someone else will resign. So sometimes it’s weary but it also gives me satisfaction and so much happiness when they are getting good grades! And I love to see how happy they are when they learn something new! This is the best prize for being a teacher J.

Sorry for non stitching post :(. I just haven't finish anything yet. 

Kisses and hugs,


  1. Sounds like the visit was a wonderful experience for both the visiting teacher and the children!

    I teach English in Japan, primarily university students and adults, but two months ago I began teaching part time in a nursery school with four and five year olds. I love all of your ideas! This is the first exposure to English for my students. We have begun with colors, numbers, shapes, body parts, and some simple verbs (run, walk, skip, jump). They are always very excited, so we do active activities. After going over the colors or shapes, I ask them to run and touch something in the room that is that color or shape. This is definitely out of my usual routine, but I am enjoying the little ones. I'll look forward to reading more about your ideas and students.

  2. Oh Weronkia, I am so happy for you. I can tell you are a very good teacher. Your children love you. I can see it in your eyes that you are a loving, caring teacher. Good for you that your enjoy your work. I wish you continued success.