Aug 28, 2015

August Smalls Sal

Hello Friends!

This is my last piece for smalls SAL hosted by Heather from  This one is another piece from Lizzie Kate Stamp series. So here there are some lovely sunflowers for August.

Lizzie Kate August Stamp

The rest of my work is still a WIP, but my fairies are going pretty well so I hope to show them here very soon. As the school year in my kindergarten already started I have not much time for anything. This year I am not only a preschool teacher but I will be teaching English to my kindergarten students. I will also lead the immersion group where I will talk to my students only in English which is a second language for them. Furthermore from September I will start another season for extra classes for primary and secondary school students. I will have tutorials with them (probably twice a week each). Let's add my singing classes, martial art trainings, French classes and my working hours in kindergarten and that is how my school will year look like. 

I am a little bit scared! :)

Keep stitching and have a good time my Friends!

Thanks for visiting!



  1. Sounds like you're going to have a very busy year!
    Love the stitching.

  2. Adorable Lizzie Kate. I am excited for you! Such wonderful, new teaching possibilities for you!

  3. Congrats on the cute finish. I love this series and have stitched a few of them.


  4. Nice new stamp that you stitched.
    Your school year will be very busy.

  5. Sounds like a busy year but your English is excellent - lucky students! Cute stamp.

  6. Sounds like a busy year but your English is excellent - lucky students! Cute stamp.

  7. Sounds like you have a very busy year ahead--you'll do great at your English teaching, Weronika :)

    Love the August finish!

  8. You are one busy teacher. How do you find time to stitch during the school year?
    Congrats on your beautiful sunflower stitching. I just posted about my success in growing sunflowers in my garden, they are beautiful flowers.

    1. That's why I can't accomplish my goals :( Bu I will do my best :). Yes your sunflowers are beautiful indeed. You're a very talented gardener :)

  9. Beautiful! Love sun flowers!