Nov 10, 2014

Hello Everybody!

I’m Weronika and I am from Poland. Some time ago I started reading blogs connected witch cross stitching. Since then I was thinking about having my own blog. It took me a lot of time but finally – 


I want to share my life, passions, good and bad days with you. I hope you will enjoy it.

My mother tongue is polish so forgive me my mistakes as I planned to write this blog in English. I am learning this wonderful language since I was 6, so it’s quite a long time. Now, besides my tutorials with my young student, I haven’t got many opportunities to use English, so this is some way to stay in touch with it. And, as learning languages is one of my passion and I find it really interesting, I added two more languages to my life: French and Ukrainian. If there will be anybody who knows them and speak them well I will be really glad for any help :) .

This year I graduated from university as a master of pedagogy. And since August 2014 I am working in Montessori kindergarten in Poland.

Among many things I like there are some that I cannot live without. So you will surely quickly find out that I am completely obsessed with books, music and cross stitching. I hope to share my passions with you and that we could find some common interests.

Until next time….


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