Nov 15, 2014

Cross Stitching - my time with needle and thread. Part 1.

As cross stitching is my little obsession it will have a special place on this blog. So be prepared for lots of posts about my ups and downs with my cross stitch projects.

My first cross stitch set comes to me from Ukraine with my aunt who visited us some time ago. At first I just placed it somewhere in my room but after some time I decided that I would like to try to take a needle and make some crosses. The first work wasn’t good so I started looking for some stitching tips in the internet. After I’ve read a few blogs, found some step by step instructions I was finally ready to really enjoy cross stitching. Since then I can’t live without it!

My Ukrainian cross stitch sets.

I’ve got a really big pile of cross stitch charts that I would like to stitch. There are also many started projects that need to be completed. There are mostly some big projects. I have a really big problem with big projects as I sometimes can’t start them again after I make a break in stitching. And so my “lost bouquet” and “Harry Potter crest” are still abandon and they lie on the shelf with the rest of my cross stitch accessories and embroidery floss. 

The lost bouquet - 15 Nov. 2014
The lost bouquet - once it will look like this.... 

Harry Potter Crest - 15 Nov. 2014, almost done, two more colors are missing.
Even if I already have some nice collection of embroidery floss I really like to buy some new stuff. I like to step to a shop to buy some nice color of floss or another piece of fabric. Beads, ribbons, buttons and other goods are welcome as well. Now a new portion of embroidery floss is waiting for me in a post office. I will collect it tomorrow. I can’t wait to finally have it home and enjoy all the 119 skeins of Ariadna floss.

The sorted part of my collection of floss.

And a part that need to be sorted...
As I am already in a Christmas mood (can’t wait to decorate my Christmas tree and do all the preparations) I decided to do some Christmas cross stitch. I dust off my last year cross stitch with a Christmas tree and start some new ones. First one is a Christmas alphabet – a grid with some Christmas pictures one for every letter of the alphabet. The second Christmas project that I will love to do is a set of Christmas ornaments that I would like to place on my Christmas tree this year. I’ve already found the patterns now it’s time to stitching. I should start it now if I would like to make it till Christmas Eve.
My first Christmas cross stitch this year.
And the Christmas tree (Dec. 2013).

And as my love to cross stitch grows and with every new blog I’ve read I also discovered things that can be beautifully cross stitched. So, one of my favorites are pincushions. Sometimes I use them as pendants or just a part of seasoning decorations. Some of them are giving away as gifts for my friends but my collection is still growing. 

I love these owls...

The one with squares was the first pincushion I've ever done.

Halloween decorations.
Valentine pincushion.
Roses pincushion.

I know that my skills in cross stitching aren’t very impressive compared to the work of other stitchers. I really enjoy following blogs of other people who share this passion with me and look at their gorgeous work. I am learning from them and I hope that I will be better in better in stitching.
So be prepared to next cross stitch themed entries because there will be many of them I suppose. I hope that next time I will be able to show you my progress in my Christmas stitching and that you will enjoy my work.

Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time!


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