Apr 23, 2017

Reading corner - part 1. Book series.

I really enjoy reading book series. Why? Because when I read one really great book I always want something more. Do you know this feeling when you finish a good book and you miss something, you want to stay in this amazing world instead of coming back to reality? I certainly do. This is why I really enjoy reading book series because I love the idea that there is something more and more. So here are some book series that I especially enjoyed. I hope you will find something for yourself too.

*           Harry Potter; some may said this series is for children only but I can’t agree. I started reading HP books when they came out in 1997 and I was growing together with the main character. I think it was really good to understand the changing that were happening in the main characters. And it was really building the tension from the first book to the last – the darkest one in the series. But I also enjoyed reading it in my 20’s as I found there many things that I haven’t noticed as a child.

*             Divergent; I am really happy that one day I started watching this movie on TV because that’s why I looked for the books. I’ve read them all, one by one, very quickly as they really engaged me. I especially like the main female character and the bond between Tris and Four. It was nice to read a book where the female character is so strong and independent.

*              The Chronicles of Narnia; series of books about mysterious land on the other side of the wardrobe is so charming and entertaining. Not only a kids story but a tale about bravery, friendship, loyalty and amazing  experiences. C.S.Lewis created so many amazing characters and magical places that, even in the age of 26, I still want to step inside my wardrobe to look for Narnia ;)

*            The Book of Sherlock Holmes’s all accomplishments; it is actually one book containing all the Holmes stories by sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It is the thickest book that I own (1124 pages). I really like all the stories by Conan Doyle and I am very grateful that he “resurrected” Holmes from dead to continue his adventures. The only thing with this particular book is that it is so big and it’s quite inconvenient to read it without any table to lay it on.

*              Andersen Fairy Tales; well known tales for children written by Danish writer; I grown up on this stories, my mom were reading me them to sleep; fabulous worlds and characters, my favorite: “The Little Mermaid”

*         Grimm Fairy Tales; another well known authors of children stories. Grimm’s tales were much darker that Andersen’s. At least the first take of them – the one published in 1812. The one that is best known today are those published in 1857 – much more child-friendly. I spent a lot of time to get to the real ones but it was worth it! So if you haven’t read the dark and scary Grimm’s Fairy Tales yet I hardly recommend you to do that.

*      The Song of Ice and Fire; this is one of the book series that I took to my hand after seeing  few episodes of TV series called “The Game of Thrones”. It’s very entertaining, sometimes violent, full of action, plot twists and very representative characters. I especially like the strong women figures. My favorite: Daenerys Targaryen – the Mother of Dragons. I went through the first book entitled “The Game of Thrones” much more for me to read.

*     The Hunger Games; another series of books that I found thanks to a movie. It seems somehow similar to “Divergent”. It is also very adventurous, with a lot of action and strong characters. Big pros for the leading female character – Katniss Everdeen. I also went through the first book, I like it a lot so there are two more for me to go.

*      The Southern Vampire Mysteries; this is another famous vampire series next to the “Twillight” series. I’ve red both of them but I am much more fond of “True Blood”. It seems to be less childish and much more serious. It is also more exciting to read. I went through the first book, more are waiting to be read.

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