Jan 3, 2017

Happy New Year!

Hello dear Friends!

I hope You all had a very Merry Christmas and amazing New Year. I hope 2017 will bring You a lot of luck, love and happiness.

When one year ends and another starts it’s time for some sum up and new plans. So let’s see what happened to me in 2016:

First of all I’ve met so many wonderful people this year. Thanks to AIESEC program and Montessori conference I made some new international friendships. This year I was fortunate to meet: Vincent Aw, Vasuki de Silva, Ivy Sun,  Patti and Emily Sobelman, Paul Epstein, Tanya Ryskind, Giulia Bergamo, Jafar Baturov and Jian Wen Xuan.

With Paul Epstein, Patti Sobelman and Tanya Ryskid from USA

With Patti and Emily Sobelman from USA

With Giulia Bergamo from Brasil

With Jafar from Tajikistan and Daryl from China

With Ejona from Albania

With Vasuki from Sri Lanka

With Ivy from China/Australia

With Vincent from Malaysia

Secondly I’ve started another year in Montessori. This time with more tasks and duties. As you all known I am teaching English to my preschoolers, I am also leading some dance group and I am an interpreter. I am especially happy of how my dancing kids classes are going do far, as it is the first school year when we have dancing classes for our kids.

There was some time for stitching as well. I haven’t done much but I am very happy with the pieces I’ve stitched this year. I still want to do some pieces I’ve listed some time ago and I am pretty sure that the time for them will come soon.

Another resolution was to not cut my hair during 2016. This one I kept and I will still go on it. In this resolution I am hardly supported by some friends of mine and surprisingly my Boss!

So what are my plans for 2017? Keep stitching and reading as much as possible. Improve my English and French skills. Fulfill all my tasks at preschool. Teach my students as much English and new dances as possible. Make my dreams come true, change my life… I hope this year will be much better than the last one (and I don’t think 2016 was bad) with great opportunities, people, successes and as much love and happiness as possible.

HAPPY 2017!


  1. Happy New Year Weronkia! How long your hair will be this time next year! :D

  2. I hope 2017 is filled with much happiness and good health, Weronika!! Your stitching is so pretty as is your long hair :)

  3. You definitely worked a lot last year, Weronika. But as I can see you were also busy with your crafting, which is a very good thing as it's just what you need as a compensation for your hard work at school.
    Good luck with all your plans for this year. Have a happy and healthy 2017!

    1. Thank You. Happy 2017 for You too Brigitte!

  4. Oh my! Chicken pox! I am sorry to hear this Weronika. I have never had them myself. I am glad you are done with them now. Your Easter was still beautiful. So is your little Sequin. ;)