Dec 11, 2016

I’m still here! That is December catch up post.

Hello Dear Friends,

I haven’t been posting for a while, but You probably get used to it. There are so many things to do every day that there is not much time left for anything else. December is especially busy month because of Christmas and all the usual preparations at home and at kindergarten.

November was all about Halloween. We had an amazing movie evening with six movies about Casper the friendly ghost and a lot of games. For my little ones I prepared some fun tasks. They were playing bowling with ghosts, trying to feed ghost with candies and helping spiders catching flies. A decoration, including black and orange rosettes, flying ghosts and chains, made our gym looks really great. I wouldn’t be able to hang it all in the gym without a great help from my lovely friends: Agnes and Anna! They are just amazing!

December is all about Christmas, but we couldn’t miss two special events in Montessori. The first one was held on Dec 4th. This is St. Barbara’s day – patron saint of mines and miners. Under Lubin and surrounding tows there are big copper mines. They exploit the copper. Many of our fathers are miners. This is why every year around Dec 4th we are visited by a miner. He is telling us about his job, showing pictures from underground, outfits that minors are wearing and their meaning. Here are some photos from this year visit.

Just a few days after that we have another big day and we are visited by Santa himself! Dec. 6th – this is the day when every child is good and politeJ. So the jolly man with a long white beard and red hat is bringing us some gifts. This year my kids were even singing him a song in English :) They were so happy to do that and I was so proud when Santa asked them to sing it one more time :).  It was a lot of fun!

And after Dec 6th there is not much time to prepare ourselves to Christmas! We already decorated the Christmas tree in our classroom. On Friday, Dec. 16th, we will celebrate by having a Nativity play. 

Every year in Montessori parents are preparing Nativity play for kids. This year, with headmaster, we are responsible for this task. So I decided that we should follow the Bible this time ;). We started our story from the creation of the world and finished it on the Three King’s visit. This is to explain kids why Jesus was born – to erase the sins of human kind. This Nativity will be unique also because it is a movie! We recorded the whole play and it will be aired on a giant screen on Dec. 16th. The directorial work belong to the headmaster, I was responsible for the script, scenography and the decoration of the gym. The first part is done but I am still working on the decorations for Friday. I want it to look like a “Winter Wonderland”. It will be white, gray and silver, with lots of snowflakes, sparkles and even artificial snow that (I hope) will fall from the ceiling :).

This is how the process of creation looks like:

This year I want my Christmas tree at home to be dressed in silver and white as well. I quite like the idea of snowy decorations. But I haven’t started my home preparations. I still have some time until Dec 24th haven’t I? ;)

On Dec 16th, after the Nativity play, we also have our Christmas Eve at work. We will meet, as every year, by the table, exchange gifts and spend some nice time together. Every year we draw lots who we will make present to. This year I again pulled Agnes’s name from the bowl – I am very happy with this. Here is her present, already packed and waiting for her. It is a great book that she will surely like.

My dancing classe are so much fun! I am really happy that I decided to be a dancing teacher this year! It gives me so much satisfaction and joy. I am so proud of my students as they are catching the steps so quickly! We already know how to dance "Specknerin" dance, "Hula" dance and now we are learning Israeli dance called "Nigun Atik". Kids remembered the steps after just first try! After we practise the steps we also have some time for a game. 

I did some stitching! :) Mostly because I wanted to make some little gifts for Agnes and Anna to thank them for their help. So I bought them some nice decorative lanterns, Christmas table runners and I stitched a winter ornaments. Here is how my stitching looks like:

There are also some ornaments I am doing for my Christmas tree. I hope to finish them before I will start to dress the tree this year ;)

And, last but not least, some books from my list. I read mostly at night or while I am eating and I managed to finish some of them. I wish I could read more of them and I am sure I won’t complete all of the books from my list for 2016, but I will do another list for the next year to try again. I heartily recommend you these listed below.


“The devil wears Prada”

“Ghost Girl”

“The rescue”

I am now collecting Nicholas Sparks and Nora Roberts’s books. I like them very much. As well as the movies based on them. So I hope to read all their books next year.

That’s all for now. I will let you know how our Nativity went :).

I wish You all a nice December.

See You soon (I hope)