Aug 1, 2016

Hello Dear Friends!

I haven’t been posting for a while. Looks like it will be my habit to post once a month.  Thank You all for being patient and wait for my next appearance here. So during the time I’ve been absent from my blog I have been doing many things of course.

Despite I have summer break (our kindergarten is close from July 25th to August 15th) there is still plenty of things to do. Some are strictly connected with my work and some not. Thankfully there are more of the pleasant personal ones.

As for my work I am preparing some new things for my students for our English classes. For the ne I have at kindergarten I am preparing some new cards with English words, activity cards to perform (like: jump, stomp, clap etc…), memory games, sorting activities and I am always looking for some new funny ideas for them to learn.

 As I will have dance classes with kids so I also have to practice myself. I planned that on our classes we will be learning dances from all over the world. So I already went through some Irish dances (I am so in love with Irish step dancing!), Hawaiian hula dance (I have to prepare some flower garlands from blotting paper – the real ones are called lei), Bolywood dances, Specknerin (English circle dance) and Nigun Atik (Israeli dance). And there is a lot more to do. I have to make a tiny break as I sprained my ankle a little bit but now everything is all right again s I am practicing again.  Dancing is a great fun for me J and it’s burning a lot of calories so I can eat a lot of tasty food and I am cool with it because I know I will burn them all J.

Almost a month took to fix my leaking roof. Workers have to take the whole roofing off my house and place the new one instead. What’s more we had to repaint two rooms as they were damaged by rain which was leaking inside my house through it. It was a horrible time full of people at my house, holes in some walls (as there were mold inside it because the water were sinking into the wall for some time) full of noises, shouting and horrible mess. Now we finally finished cleaning the house so now it went back to normal. Thank God! And we hope that now the roof won’t be leaking again.

Despite all those things I described above I found some time for reading and stitching. I’m following my list of books to read and I managed to finish some of them. I love reading so taking a book after a book is a very pleasant thing to do during summer break. So this time I would like to share with you:

“La Belle at la Bête”, this story I’ve read in English and French. The story of friendship and love between a Beast and beautiful Girl is well known. I really like it as a book as well as the Disney animated movie. I’ve also read that in 2017 there will be another movie based on this story where Emma Watson will play Belle.

“The legend of Sleepy Hollow”, a short story by Washington Irving. Main character Ihabod Crane a miserable school teacher who fell in love with a girl he can’t be with, the legend of a headless horseman, rural beliefs all wrapped in a dark and heavy atmosphere. Really nice. I also enjoyed Tim Burton’s movie based on this story with wonderful Jonny Depp as Ihabod.

To be read at dusk”, it’s a short story by Charles Dickens, another ghost story which a really enjoy. Actually if you will compare it to modern horrors (movies or books) it isn’t creepy or scary at all, but it is really interesting.  

“Tuck Everlasting”, I first saw a movie based on this book and I really liked it. When I learned that there is a book I found it t once and read. I like that movie is very accurate to book. The Tucks family story make readers think if it really will be good to live (literally) forever. At first the idea of eternal life on earth may be very tempting – think about all those things that you may try and do during all the eternity, but on the other hand I don’t think that eternal life is worth watching your close one dying and world changing while you are still in the same place in your life.

“Alice adventures in Wonderland”, well known story by Lewis Carroll. The story of young girl Alice who fell through the rabbit hole into a Wonderland. All the story, place, characters are so marvelous! I always liked it. I also very enjoyed 2010 movie by Tim Burton, based on the Carroll’s story. Another movie based on the second book about Alice was released this year. I am really eager to see it.

The last but not least is my stitching. I made some progress on my horse, still isn’t look like a horse:

But my owl definitely looks like an owl and it is FINISHED! I love how it looks like!

I also made some pincushions. I like to do them when I have pieces of fabric too small to stitch on them but I don’t want to throw them away. This time I also attached a tiny button in the middle which gave them a nice shape and finishing.

And, one last thing. At first this piece was stitched to be anther pincushion, but then I started to look for another way to use my stitching. So I searched through many different blogs (including yours my friends) and I came up with an idea to make a box. After I looked at many different types of paper boxes, stitched baskets and other things I tried many different ideas and this is what I’ve made:

After I stitched the green pattern I took a piece of felt (some time ago I bought a few sheets of felt but I never used them), I saw my stitched piece to the felt and I start to think how to fold it to a box. After a few attempts I keep up with an idea. I haven’t cut it've just folded it and used a hot glue to attach the sides together. This is the result. I like it very much so I think I will make some more of it, maybe in different shapes and surely if different colors.

First I stitched a pattern

I secured the edges
I picked a piece of felt and sew my stitching on it

Then I folded it in a shape of a box and glued the sides with hot glue

Inside, the triangle pieces are glued to the bottom

So this is all for now. Thank You for visiting my blog. I wish you all a great summer!



  1. Oh what a horrible mess you had to endure with your home. I am so glad it is fixed now. I look forward to future posts about your dancing with the children!

  2. You have been very busy! Great reading list!

  3. I hope you are enjoying your summer vacation, Weronika! The dances from around the world that you have planned for your students will be such fun!

    I hope that is the end of your home repairs for a while... Wishing you a lovely August :)

  4. You have been so busy preparing things for school. So it must have been more than horrible to have all the damages fixed while you had to work so much. I hope that the situation has been sorted out by now.
    Good to know that you had some time for stitching and reading. Great books!

  5. Oh my, you have been busy! Beautiful stitching. Your owl is amazing! Hope your new roof is a good one. Your teaching schedule looks like it will keep everyone busy.

  6. I love seeing the children with Father Christmas...sooo cute. Reminds me of when my own children were little. Lovely stitching xxxx