Jun 25, 2016

Another month passed

Hello dear friends.

Next month passed so quickly! I would like to share with you what I’ve been up to lastly.

June is a very busy month in kindergarten you know. Actually the business starts at the end of May when we are celebrating Mother’s Day. This year we invite our mothers to our classroom to sing with them, tell them some nice poem and to give them our gifts. Together with my children we prepared lovely origami flowers which you can see below.

Another big day was on June 1st when we’ve been celebrating Child’s Day. It is a tradition in our preschool that on this day we have a big family picnic in nearby village Ogrodziska. I’ve been the ne to organize it this year. There we have a lot of fun together. Dads were playing rugby match. All families were taking part in a run which we called “a run for mustard” and the story of this newly created tradition goes like this:
We’ve been already in Ogrodziska, where school were just finishing their picnic, to make some arranges for our picnic. While school was cleaning after themselves me, Headmaster and one of PE teachers were talking about the picnic:
Headmaster: We have to think about something more that a rugby match this year.
PE Teacher: You can make them run around the lake. It’s a nice distance.
Headmaster: That’s a great idea! Where should we run exactly?
PE Teacher gives directions how to circle the lake and help to mark the route.
Headmaster: OK but we need some reward for the winner and I am not prepared for this.
Me: We have a lot of bottles with mustard we won’t be able to use them all. We can have it as a reward. Like “a run for a mustard”.
<we all laughed>
Headmaster: Wait its brilliant! A “run for a mustard”! We just invented the new Montessori tradition!
The winner of the first "run for mustard"

We also had a lot of nice music and dances and I prepared gigantic soap bubbles for kids. Even the rain couldn’t stop us from having fun.

Then another big thing: green kindergarten. Each year in June we are going nearby the sea with our kids and their parents to spend a week together. We are learning and playing there, having trips, travelling by a ship, eating delicious ice creams and having a lot of fun. It is a hard work as well, but doing it in such a pleasant surroundings makes it much, much better.

Because of many important events I decide to visit my hairdresser and do something with my hair. As I promised myself at the beginning of this year I didn’t cut them (despite of tiny bit of loose ends) but I added some color and nourished them. So this is how I looked like before and after:

On June 17th we ceremonially said goodbye to children that are going to school In September. Our graduates gave a stunning performance on a stage of our community centre. They’ve been singing, dancing, telling their parents and other guests what they have learned during this school year. We said thank you to each other and wish everyone good summer. I was the host of this event.

Me, Catherine and our graduates

All the teachers and staff

With graduates
After this gala our graduates were invited to spend a whole night at Montessori. We have been playing, dancing, watching movies and having fun together. Then kids went t sleep in their sleeping bags – like on a camping.

Another important thing lastly was Father’s Day which we celebrated on June 23rd. Fathers were taking part in many competitions including: who can be the fastest to eat a carrot, which can score most in basketball throw, who can be the fastest in hurdle race and many others. Each group was rewarded with medal. Unfortunately my group placed 3rd L

I am a very good supporter :)
And now we have just 3 weeks to summer break. From July 18th to August 21st we are closed. And then we will start over. For the next school year I will have more chores. I will be still English teacher, lead the immersion in my group but from the beginning of September I will also lead dancing classes for our kids.

Now stitching. I managed to make some improvement on my owl. Mostly while I was at the green kindergarten. And I also made another tiny baggy – I fine them really enjoyable to do. There is also some more done on my horse. So here you go:

There are also some books from my list that I finished. I managed to read:


Fantastic beasts and where to find them”; nice extend for “Harry Potter” series, and for sure good way for J.K.Rowling to earn more money on the Potter idea; quick to read, but nothing to come back to in the future.

“The Chronicles of Narnia. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.”; I just simply love C.S.Lewis for this series. Magic, adventures, lands that exist in different time and space. Characters that are very interesting and engaging story. I also watched the movie based on this one. I really enjoyed it. That is the second time I read Narnia series, so the only thing I don’t like in it is that after time main characters have to be replace by other kids.

“Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix”; I am a big Potter fan, so this one have to be on my list. Another trip to Hogwart, another nice adventures, familiar characters. The only thing I don’t like in this one is the death of one of my favorite character: Sirius. This is the thing I can’t forgive Rowling ;).

 And one last thing is that I have another series to watch lately. I started watching “True Blood” and found it very enjoyable. So if you haven’t watched it yet I really encourage you to do that.

Thank you all for stopping by and reading. I am really happy to have you all my Friends. Thank you for sharing your stories on your blogs and for all your kind comments. You are undoubtedly brightening my life J
Lots of love


  1. Oh Weronika, I can see how much joy your career brings you! The run for mustard is very funny. :D You look beautiful! I am so surprised you will be taking on more at school! Oh my! You will be very tired my friend. Take good care and enjoy your time off now.

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun with the school activities, Weronika! Run For The Mustard -- very funny. Your new hair do is very becoming. Nice stitching progress, too.

  3. I always enjoy seeing your photos and reading your stories of your kindergarten class, Weronika! The mustard run is so funny--I loved hearing about it!

    Lovely new hair cut--you are such a pretty young lady (and an excellent speaker of English!)...

    Enjoy your summer!

  4. Oh my, what a busy month this was at your school with all the events and activities. And it certainly was worth it. So much fun for the children and the parents. And for the staff, too :)

    Great that you could find some time for your stitching and reading. I'm sure that's not always an easy thing to do. But you made nice progress.