May 5, 2016

Rundown on April and hello May!

I aware you: It's probably my longest post… ;)

Hello Dear Friends!

I wasn’t posting recently because of so many things that happened lastly. I haven’t got much time for reading, blogging or anything else. But now, while I have a few days off work (9 to be more specific) I also have some time to catch up on all of this.

I had this amazing opportunity to meet another great people. We’ve got visitors in my workplace. My kindergarten was hosting guests from Texas: Patti Sobelman – headmistress of Pines Montessori - nursery and school - with Her daughter – Emily. They wanted to see how our kindergarten work. They are both so amazing. We’ve spent wonderful time together. They’ve met with our parents, kids and staff, went to the trip to our copper mines, saw our school and preschool and attend some classes. Thanks to them I had the opportunity to practice my language skills as well as, for the first time, go underground to see our copper mines that we have under my city. That was awesome! It was also a great challenge for me to be their interpreter especially during our trip to copper mine. Our tour guide was speaking polish and I was interpreting everything. The hardest part was when I have to translate all of the machines names and other technical issues into English. I didn’t know these words in Polish what about in English! But I managed! I am so proud of myself! 

Meeting with parents and staff at school
With the governor of the mine
Going down to the mine was soooo amazing! I have no words to describe it! Just look:


Going underground

Talking wasn't easy then...

Reading maps - very important skill while underground


Brackets placing
First we had to change into special uniforms and helmets, then we had a quick training how to use running aparathus (in case of emgerency), then we went underground. We saw many different places: long, dark corridors, big areas where the raw materials are exploit even canteen. Then after this incredible journey we also had a meeting with the head of the mine in his office. All of us got souvenirs: copper lantern (minors were using them before they had the electiricity underground), pen, notepad and scarf (all with Pierre Cardin label), copper foil which says “it’s good to have a copper with you” (in Polish it rhymes: “dobrze mieć ze sobą miedź”), commemoration copper coins and somethig sweet.

The visit of Patti and Emily was strictly connected with the Montessori Conference I’ve attended. This was my second, as in the last year all teachers from our kindergarten went on one. This year, however, headmaster picked only two teachers from kindergarten and one from school to come with him and I was one of them. Of course he picked me only because my language skills, if he wouldn’t need an interpreter he would probably pick someone more experienced and Montessori course graduated teacher.
But I am so happy that I went there. I’ve met some great teachers – the most important for me were professor Tanya Ryskid and professor Paul Epstein. I learned a lot from their lectures and I was able to talk with them about my experiences. I’ve got some advices from them and I’ve got their autographs and pictures. That was awesome! I also found this conference better than the one I attended last year because we’ve been there in such a small group. Previously, when we went with all the teachers there were about 8 people there, the atmosphere were more stiff and more unnatural. This time it was more informal, pleasant and funny.

With my friends from work.

With Paul Epstein - one of the proffesors

From left: Me, Paul Epstein, Headmaster, Tanya Ryskid, Patti, Ewa and Karolina

I found some time to read some books from my list. I read mostly at night or at  the breakfast table. I also managed to read something in train  during my trip to Warsaw but it wasn’t much as I was talking with my Boss about so many interesting things (we both like movies and books so we had many things to discuss) that I haven’t red much. But this are the pieces I finished:

Anne Frank “Diary of a young girl”; this one is a diary of Anne Frank, then 13 years old Jewish girl who was, together with her family, in hiding for two years during Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. Thrilling description of life in hiding written by this young girl is stunning. While reading you appreciate that you live in a peaceful country, while so many people then and now have to deal with war, fear and death.

Jane Austen “Pride and Prejudice”; this one is one of my favorite. I am coming back to it many time during the year. It so cheerful and entertaining. Placed in 19th century story of Bennet sisters and their everyday struggles and attempts to find a proper husband. It is nice to read that a long time ago the main task for a girl was to find a proper man (actually some women still think it is the most important thing it their life – do you agree with me?) when now it is career and money we are all chasing.

Neil Gaiman “Neverwhere”; this one was the most complicated book I recently read. It took plane in two different worlds – London Below and London Above. Main character Door have to survive there and run away from the assassins that are chasing her. This one was very hard to read. The plot was so complicated that sometimes I was going back to what I’ve already red and read it again to understand what it is about. I like fantasy books but unfortunately I won’t come back to this one in future.

J.K.Rowling “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”; coming back to Hogwarts again. This book gives me the greatest pleasure of going away from where I am and as always moves me to this amazing world created by Rowling. It’s great to experience this story again, no matter how old I am I can still feel the magic it brings.

Now, my stitching. I managed to do some progress on the owl. Next colors are added even if they aren’t very visible. More visible is what happened to my horse: half of the crosses in first shade of gray appeared. I’ve also made two little pieces which I turned into little cases – very good for my M3 player that I carry everywhere with me. Now the plan is to do another progress on horse and owl as well as on the other pieces I left behind me unfinished. I promised myself I won’t start anything new until I won’t finish at least one thing from my WIP pile but I don’t know if I will be able to keep my promise. New charts are so tempting!

Oh! I almost forgot. We’ve got cooking workshop with my children from kindergarten! Every month one group is able to use our school kitchen to get some practice in cooking or baking. Teacher picks the recipe, order ingredients and kids, under the watchful eye of a teacher, are cooking! His time we’ve made delicious waffles. Yummy!

That's the effect:

Talking about eating and cooking. May 1st,2nd,and 3rd are free of work in Poland. This year I took few more days off and I had 9 days of laziness at home :). In this time I rest a lot and, together with my parents and our neighbors we had a very yummy BBQ. 

Uffff and that's all for now. Huge thanks to all of you that reach the end of this post! J Thank you for your visit here. I hope you enjoyed my post!

See you next time!