Mar 29, 2016

Easter, Easter…

Hello Dear Friends!

I don’t know where to start. Maybe with reading. I finished another book. This wasn’t one from my list but it was really entertaining. I hardly recommend „Summer blowout” by Claire Cook. I’ve read it in one night. So funny and relaxing after a busy day at preschool.

Now some Montessori news. First is that we had an Easter fair. Last time I’ve showed you some of the pieces I’ve been doing for it but it was just a small part of the work I’ve made. Actually all my family was involved in the preparation. My auntie made a wonderful crochet Easter eggs, together with my parents we’ve made salt dough decorations, glittery Styrofoam eggs (everything in the kitchen was in the glitter after we’ve finished! Literally everything!), Easter garlands with Styrofoam quail eggs and many, many more.

We sold all the things we prepared and we've earned (for our kindergarten) 
2250 zł (416£ / 593$). 
We broke our record!

We also celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. We don’t celebrate actual feast in Poland but as an English teacher I want to show my students different cultures. So we learn about St. Patrick, about Irish customs and we’ve made some decorations. On March 17th we all have been wearing green shamrocks as well.

Easter passed so quickly because I had only one extra day off work. I spent Great Thursday and Great Friday at work because our kindergarten was open on this time. After the day with kids I ran quickly to the Church to help my friend – who is our best organist – during the mass. Thankfully I didn’t blow anything :) .

On my English classes we’ve been talking about Easter as well. We did our Easter eggs, learn what we put into the Easter basket, what animals are connected with Easter and how do we celebrate Easter Monday. Children were making some lambs from paper and cotton wool, as well as painting rabbits and eggs using cotton buds.

Now we are talking about spring time – we discuss spring weather, first flowers, blooming trees and birds coming back to our country. That’s why I prepared some cards and domino game with spring flowers. We will observe the weather and mark it on the weather charts to see how it is changing. In April we will also learn about plants – how they grow and what they need, what people need to work in the garden and what kinds of animals and plants can we spot in spring time.

In April I will go for the international Montessori conference to Warsaw. Last year all the teachers went there and our workplace were closed for one day, this year headmaster picked only 3 of us – the rest will have to stay at work. This conference will last 3 days. During this time we will take part in lectures about different Montessori techniques of teaching. I picked classes about creating an environment of work, the issues connected with preparing kids for life after preschool, the techniques of observation for teachers and how to work with group where kids are in different age. All of these lectures will be lead by American professors.

This is the reason why I am the one that boss picked for the conference. He needs an interpreter. This year we will share a table with Americans – teachers and professors who are working with Montessori method and lead Montessori schools and preschools. I am a little bit scared. I would like to perfectly tackle the challenge of simultaneous translation. I am reading about it – what should you know and how should you behave during such translation in a group of people. Did you know that there are about 6 types of oral translation?! I am scared…

I’ve been working on my stitching. Especially owl, but I didn’t made any spectacular progress. The rest of stitching was abandoned because if the Easter preparations. I hope to come back to them now, when all the fuss is finally over. I started some new pincushion – I will have to do some to use the remains of fabric that I have after cutting out bigger pieces for different stitching. And I would really like to come back to the pieces I abandoned long time ago. Maybe spring will bring me some new energy to do it.

I hope you are all well and happy. I wish you a lot of sunny days and a lot of energy not only for your stitching. Have a happy spring and see you soon!


PS: Have you got any nice ideas for English classes for kindergartens and primary school students? ;)

Mar 8, 2016

Looks like there are some profits of being ill.

Hello Dear Friends!

I hate being ill and stay a home. Actually it is the first time in 2 years when I have to take few days off because the terrible flu. I know I sound like a workaholic but the first thing is that I like my work and the second in that in my workplace there is only 6 of us which means that when someone is absent the others have to take extra hours to cover him. I hate changing my plans and reorganize everything to cover someone’s hours that is why I feel remorse that someone have to do it for me.

Ok but what about profits? I have time to prepare for my classes, I have time to get enough sleep and some time for reading. This is how I managed to read another book from my list and I took me only one day. This time it was “Austenland” by Shannon Hale. I watched movie based on this book so many times that I almost remembered the dialogues. I would really enjoy visiting such a place and feeling the spirit of Pride and Prejudice times. So if you like Austen novels (especially Pride and Prejudice) you should really read this book and watch this movie. JJ Field as Mr. Nobley is just perfect! I found some differences between book and movie of course but it doesn’t spoil the fun.

I am also stitching a little bit. I have to hurry up with all the stuff for Easter fair. My stitched eggs aren’t sewed up together yet and I have to paint decorations made of salt dough. Just don’t feel good enough to do this. By now even climbing up the stairs is a challenge. This flu took all my energyL. I have to fight it quickly and go back to normal life.

I hope you are all healthy and well. See you soon!