Jan 27, 2016

Wednesday. Is it really only Wednesday?

Hello Friends!

This week is the longest and hardest for me in a long time. Since Jan 24th my kindergarten hosts two guests – students from China and Tajikistan. Jafar Boturov and Jian Wan Xuan are visiting us to learn something about Poland and teach us something about their countries. They work in our kindergarten as volunteers. As we’ve got three groups in our preschool each of them spend a few hours with each group every day. As neither of them speaks Polish my main duty is to be their interpreter in every situation during their day at my workplace. They are doing great with our kids! They work with them, learn a lot from them and of course teach us all a lot. Yesterday we’ve visited school as well (as my kindergarten in interrelated with school, we share building and even some teachers), have a few classes with students, Jian played a pong=pong match with our headmaster and some teachers from school and we observed PE an dancing classes. Students and teachers are very interested in our guests. Every visit at school or pizzeria or even a walk gives us a lot of attention from other people.

I am very happy that I can use English so often now. Especially as many people at school and also at my kindergarten didn’t know that I can speak it so well. I feel so great when I can see their faces in awe as I do the translation and I am able to follow every discussion irrespective of its topic ;). I can also speak very fast ;) to follow the discussion and to make conversers feel comfortable and up to date with their dialogue. I’ve learned a lot of new words and something new about my town because I wanted to be exact and to help our guests understand the place that they are in. We’ve been talking not only about my workplace, Montessori method, my town history but we also had a very serious discussion about religion (as one of our guests is Muslim), politics and customs of our countries. That was a challenge! But seeing my headmaster face as I was talking about Christianity. Its history and the meanings of some holidays and customs (in both languages – English for guests and Polish for him) was priceless!

There are two more days left when our guests will be with us. After this week I will really need a rest especially from talking. I’ve probably never been talking so much! But it is also a great fun and I am very happy to be a part of it.  Today we had a cooking classes, tomorrow we will have a movie and on Friday – costume party. I am looking forward for a weekend J

Take care!

Jan 9, 2016

Reading Challenge book 2 – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Jan 6th – Jan 9th)

Hi Friends,
For today I have some update about my stitching goals and some book to share.

Second book from my list is another piece from Potter series. It was nice to visit Hogwarts again after such a short break. What I like the most in this book are, except the main characters,  Dobby the elf – he is definitely my favorite (I feel pity about him in this part when he was a slave until Harry made him free), the mythical fire bird – fenix Fawkes. The most annoying during the whole story was definitely Lockhart. As previously author shows us the power of friendship that bonds the main characters, power of faith in people and how important is to be loyal to others and to your beliefs

Another thing that I would like to share with you is that I found some time for stitching. I managed to stitch the whole black borders of my owl. Now it’s only 24 colors left to stitch… J

Have fun with your stitching!


Jan 5, 2016

Reading challenge book 1 „Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”

As the first book from my list I’ve chosen J.K.Rowling “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” I remember reading it for the first time soon after it came out in Poland in 2000, so 3 years after the British premiere. I was 10y.o. then and I went completely crazy about it. To be honest – I am still a big fan of Potter series. It is really nice to read it after such a long time as now I am looking at it completely different than when I was 10. Also, because of the movies, I see the characters differently now and when I read it I am picturing tem as the actors that played in the movies. It’s hard to see Harry without Daniel Radcliffe’s face ;) but I really like all the movies so it is not a problem.

What I like the most is that it is adventurous, that it takes me to Hogwarts and the whole Potter’s world and let me enjoy their adventures as they are mine. Then when I put the book on the shelf I feel quite oddly that I am not in the castle or in a Forbidden Forest J. Also at age of 25 it is funny to read about all the characters troubles that are now so far away from me. They were much closer to me when I was around their age reading the book at first time. Sometimes they might look quite childish but of course it is a children’s literature.

To sum up: I am really glad I went to Potter world again and I am eagerly waiting to continue the Potter series.

Have a good day Friends!

Jan 1, 2016

2015 sum up and plans for 2016


Happy 2016!

We've started a new year so it's time for some sum up :)

Hmmm I finished one of the SAL’s I took part in. I managed to stitch all the pieces from Lizzie Kate Flip It series – mostly I wasn’t able to do it on time so I missed few checkups but in the end I stitched them all. Here is the result:

Lizie Kate "Flip It"
I did some stitching that I haven't planned for this year:

As well as some from my list:

I've planned much much more but I am very happy about what I've managed to do. This year I would like to finich those pieces I started and do some new pieces that I really like. I am not doing any "to do" list for this year as well as I won;t be taking part in any SAL. But I will stitch as much as I can! 

I wish you all a very happy 2016!!!