Dec 11, 2016

I’m still here! That is December catch up post.

Hello Dear Friends,

I haven’t been posting for a while, but You probably get used to it. There are so many things to do every day that there is not much time left for anything else. December is especially busy month because of Christmas and all the usual preparations at home and at kindergarten.

November was all about Halloween. We had an amazing movie evening with six movies about Casper the friendly ghost and a lot of games. For my little ones I prepared some fun tasks. They were playing bowling with ghosts, trying to feed ghost with candies and helping spiders catching flies. A decoration, including black and orange rosettes, flying ghosts and chains, made our gym looks really great. I wouldn’t be able to hang it all in the gym without a great help from my lovely friends: Agnes and Anna! They are just amazing!

December is all about Christmas, but we couldn’t miss two special events in Montessori. The first one was held on Dec 4th. This is St. Barbara’s day – patron saint of mines and miners. Under Lubin and surrounding tows there are big copper mines. They exploit the copper. Many of our fathers are miners. This is why every year around Dec 4th we are visited by a miner. He is telling us about his job, showing pictures from underground, outfits that minors are wearing and their meaning. Here are some photos from this year visit.

Just a few days after that we have another big day and we are visited by Santa himself! Dec. 6th – this is the day when every child is good and politeJ. So the jolly man with a long white beard and red hat is bringing us some gifts. This year my kids were even singing him a song in English :) They were so happy to do that and I was so proud when Santa asked them to sing it one more time :).  It was a lot of fun!

And after Dec 6th there is not much time to prepare ourselves to Christmas! We already decorated the Christmas tree in our classroom. On Friday, Dec. 16th, we will celebrate by having a Nativity play. 

Every year in Montessori parents are preparing Nativity play for kids. This year, with headmaster, we are responsible for this task. So I decided that we should follow the Bible this time ;). We started our story from the creation of the world and finished it on the Three King’s visit. This is to explain kids why Jesus was born – to erase the sins of human kind. This Nativity will be unique also because it is a movie! We recorded the whole play and it will be aired on a giant screen on Dec. 16th. The directorial work belong to the headmaster, I was responsible for the script, scenography and the decoration of the gym. The first part is done but I am still working on the decorations for Friday. I want it to look like a “Winter Wonderland”. It will be white, gray and silver, with lots of snowflakes, sparkles and even artificial snow that (I hope) will fall from the ceiling :).

This is how the process of creation looks like:

This year I want my Christmas tree at home to be dressed in silver and white as well. I quite like the idea of snowy decorations. But I haven’t started my home preparations. I still have some time until Dec 24th haven’t I? ;)

On Dec 16th, after the Nativity play, we also have our Christmas Eve at work. We will meet, as every year, by the table, exchange gifts and spend some nice time together. Every year we draw lots who we will make present to. This year I again pulled Agnes’s name from the bowl – I am very happy with this. Here is her present, already packed and waiting for her. It is a great book that she will surely like.

My dancing classe are so much fun! I am really happy that I decided to be a dancing teacher this year! It gives me so much satisfaction and joy. I am so proud of my students as they are catching the steps so quickly! We already know how to dance "Specknerin" dance, "Hula" dance and now we are learning Israeli dance called "Nigun Atik". Kids remembered the steps after just first try! After we practise the steps we also have some time for a game. 

I did some stitching! :) Mostly because I wanted to make some little gifts for Agnes and Anna to thank them for their help. So I bought them some nice decorative lanterns, Christmas table runners and I stitched a winter ornaments. Here is how my stitching looks like:

There are also some ornaments I am doing for my Christmas tree. I hope to finish them before I will start to dress the tree this year ;)

And, last but not least, some books from my list. I read mostly at night or while I am eating and I managed to finish some of them. I wish I could read more of them and I am sure I won’t complete all of the books from my list for 2016, but I will do another list for the next year to try again. I heartily recommend you these listed below.


“The devil wears Prada”

“Ghost Girl”

“The rescue”

I am now collecting Nicholas Sparks and Nora Roberts’s books. I like them very much. As well as the movies based on them. So I hope to read all their books next year.

That’s all for now. I will let you know how our Nativity went :).

I wish You all a nice December.

See You soon (I hope)

Oct 17, 2016

September/October news

Hello Dear Friends!

I’ve been absent for some time, but I tried to do my Best to follow your blog entrances as much as I can. It is so nice to read about your adventures of everyday.

Autumn came so quickly and I almost haven’t noticed is October already! Time flies so fast for me. This is surely because a lot of work I have every day. So let me tell and show you what I was doing during my long absence on my blog.

Let us start with September. This month shouts: BACK TO SCHOOL! I came back to my kindergarten in August – we started on Aug 16th – so when school students begins their new school year I’ve been already two weeks in mine. But the beginning of school year means a lot more chores for me. This year despite my ordinary work with my group in Montessori I am also an English teacher (as the last year) and I have dance classes with my preschoolers. “Dancing kids”, as I called my classes, is a time for my students not only to learn how to dance, but also to have fun with music. So we had eurhythmics, music games, we play with KLANZA sheet and we learn steps to many different dances from all over the world. We already learned how to dance Specknerin dance – some kids are sooo good at it! Next one I’ve prepared for them is Hawaiian hula dance. It is such a fun for me to dance with them, but it is also a challenge to meet the requirements of their parents as they wish to see their children to dance like professional dancers (what is impossible to do when we practice just one hour per week).

 As school kids start new year their parents call me to sign them for extra classes. I’ve started giving English tutorials when I was at University. Then I’ve started with one student. Since that day my students have been changing – some were quitting some new starting to work with me. This year I answered 9 phones, so 9 students will be learning with me this year. It is also fun for me. I like to work with children and see how they evolve and to be a small part of their school success. Every time my student gets a good grade at school I am so proud of him and of myself that I can’t even express it with my words. I feel the same pride when my preschoolers are improving their English and speak better and better every month! It is just priceless!

This year on September I was also very surprised by my Boss. I celebrate my birthday on Sept 10th, but I never do any party. This year I just bake some good pie and take it to work to treat my coworkers. Just after my morning circle time with kids Boss called me to his office. I was terrified - even if he never said anything bad to me I am always scared when he calls me. But he surprised me with a birthday wishes and a gift! He gave me a book by G. Musso and a lovely pumpkin that he harvests himself. Such a nice surprise! There were a lot of birthday wishes from my friends at work, my family and other people that were so kind to remember about me on this special day.

Some autumn flowers and a gift from my Boss.

On September we also had our annual preschool celebration which we call: the day of the baked potato. On this occasion we met with our kids and their families on a huge barbecue. This is the time to have fun together, talk about many different things and just spend some time with people. The weather was really great this year so everything went pretty nicely. This month we also had been visited by a beekeeper. He told us about his work, bees, honey and many other interesting things. He also brought real bees! It was a very nice and interesting lecture.

Then October came (I still can’t believe!). It brought the autumn, days became shorter and it is getting darker so early… It is really hard to work when you would like just to mantle yourself with a warm blanket with a cup of hot tea and a needle or book in your hand. But instead of this we still have to work ;) .

October 17th in Poland is a teacher’s day. Some of our kids and their parents wanted to thank us – teachers – on this special day. They brought us a lot of lovely flowers and sweets. It was really nice and happy day. My preschool is strictly connected with a school. We share the building and the Headmistress of school and Headmaster of preschool are married. So we interact with each other pretty often and cooperate very well. This is why we also celebrate together. This year we went to celebrate Teacher’s Day in an old inn beyond the city. It was such a fun! We dressed up as cowboys and cowgirls, drink, eat and have fun together. Especially when somebody started Chinese whispers game. It was so funny! I had a really good time there. As I know all the teachers and stuff from school quite well I may feel much more comfortable that some of my friends from preschool. This is the huge pros of being an alumnus of the school that you are teaching in. I feel very familiar with all the places and feel very comfy with all the people that teach there. Some of them were my teachers and some of them I’ve met and befriended when I went there as a University student to serve my traineeship. I am so happy to be a part of this school-preschool society.

And here are some pics from my work with kids in my group:

 Autumn means that another festival is coming which is Halloween. In Poland we don’t celebrate it as much as in USA, but in Montessori we will have a Halloween movie night for kids and their parents. This year I am the mastermind of this party. So I’ve prepared a 1995 “Casper – the friendly ghost” movie, designed and printed the tickets, create a poster, prepare some games and a lot of decorations. So once again my room is covered with blotting paper, construction paper, garlands, rosettes, posters etc. But it is such a fun! I hope everything will go well and we will have a nice time together. Here are some sneak peeks of how it will look like:

This one was a trial version

Sequin is helping me a lot :)

Now a tiny piece of stitching I managed to do. Still in autumn/Halloween mood and something more sea connected. As you see still a lot of WIP’s but at least I am stitching something which enjoy me so much.

But I am so happy because I had some time (I don’t know how I found it!) to read. I do it mostly at night or while I am eating meals. And this is how I managed to read some books from my list and a few more. I bought J. Deaver newest book as soon as it came to bookstores and I’ve read it really quick. And as always I fell in love with his story! I highly recommend this author to anyone!

Next piece was on my list and it is book by L. M. Alcott “Little women”. When I was little I watched a movie based on this book many many times that I know it by heart now. So when I took the book and start reading at some point I realize that there are some pieces of story and characters I remember from the movie never appeared in the book! So I did some research I learned that this author wrote more books and the story of March family are longer and richer. So as soon as I finished “Little Women” I’ve took another book by Alcott “Good Wives”, this is where I found my missing characters and stories and what is the best of it there is another book in series! I will surely read it as soon as possible.

Another piece I’ve recently red are “Fairy tales and stories” by Oscar Wilde. These are marvelous fairy tales to read not only by children. They are adventurous, magical and very educational. My favorite one is probably “The Canterville Ghost”.

“The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” was another book that I’ve red recently. I like this story very much. Again in a tale that some may consider is only for kids, even adults can find something educational. The power of friendship, the way to combat your weakness and fears, how important it is to follow your dreams and to improve your life and yourself every day.

The next book I’ve red is out of my list but I enjoyed it very much. For me it started with a movie. One evening when I was looking for something to watch in TV I found a movie that really got my attention. It was the very beginning so I decided to watch it to the very end. The movie was entitled “Divergent”. I enjoyed it so much that I did some research and I found out that there is another movie in the series and next are about to be made. I’ve also found out that this movie is based on a first of the series of books by Veronica Roth, so I started reading. And I fell in love! In this series you can find adventures, love, friendship, rivalry, technologies out of our world and much, much more! To be honest one of the things that draw my attention was one of the main characters which were played by a very handsome actor ;).

Theo James - Four

I also went for shopping. The stores I can’t miss are always BOOKSTORES. Especially when I see a bargain! So as I have my favorite authors I couldn’t resist buying a book by one of them (especially because the price was very inviting). This time it was book by Nora Roberts “Sacred sins”. She hasn’t disappointed me. I enjoyed it so much. In Nora Robert’s books I like how she combines mystery and romance. It was really gripping. I can’t wait to read another book of her. I started my own collection of her books (in both languages Polish and English) and I hope to get all of them on my shelf one day.

There are so many new books waiting for me on the shelf. Some Debbie Macomber that I really like to read and some Fern Michaels that I never red before. I wish I could read and prepare for work (like painting, cutting, gluing etc.) at the same time, but unfortunately I can’t combine these activities. I know there are some good audio books to listen but I still prefer to see the text and read instead of listen to someone reading to me.

This lovely pile is waiting for me

This was a very long post. Congrats to everyone who reached the end. Thank you for your time and interest and all the nice comments. I am happy that I can share my life with you. Thank you for your latest updates on your blogs my Friends. It is nice to have heard from you.

Take care!

See You next time!