Dec 8, 2015

Time flies like an arrow….

It’s been a long time since my last post. The first reason is my Grandma’s death that somehow slowed everything in my life for some time. The second reason is that I have no time to sit and write something that will be readable – so many things are happening now that I have no idea what to start with….

I want to assure you that I am reading your wonderful blogs my Friends. I am happy when you are, sad when you are and scared when you are. I am sharing all the emotions, affairs and things that are happening in your lives and I am very happy and thankful that I somehow can be the part of it.

Let me start with some preschool news. Ejona’s visit in October went so well that my headmaster decided to have another foreign guest in our kindergarten. This time we hosted a lovely girl from Canada. Stephanie came to us to tell our children about her homeland and its culture. I was especially glad from this visit as I am so amazed by this lovely region and it’s culture as well as I am totally in love with some Canadian singers J. It was a great opportunity to talk with Steph about her country and get to know that our countries share so many things! Looks like people from Poland and Canada have a lot in common. Unfortunately Steph was visiting us only for one day. 

Me (left) and Steph (right) during her presentation
Next thing is relevant to previous one. Our guests are coming to Poland thanks to AIESEC program. After Ejona and Steph visits headmaster decided that we will take part in it as well. We are starting project called “winter kindergarten” and we are preparing to host three guests from foreign countries. For beginning we decided to choose people from Ukraine, Peru and China. We have to organize them some place to stay, board and conditions so they can show our kids the culture of their homeland. I was chosen to be their main interpreter. We hope that they won’t arrive all at once ;) it will be difficult to interpret three people from different countries at the same time :) I really admire interpreters all over the world! I am really eager to do such a project and I am so proud that I was the chosen one to be a part of it (as the only teacher from my institution). Sorry if it sounds like boasting…
At my workplace everything shows that Christmas is coming. Not only my kids who are singing Christmas songs but also decorations and the whole Christmas spirit that you can feel in the air. We already decorated Christmas trees in our classrooms. We also had a very nice visitor – Santa Claus! He had a very special gift for our kids. Each year parents form Montessori are meeting two weeks before the Dec 6th on a meeting that is called “by the time Santa will come”. This annual meeting is held so parents can prepare gifts for their kids. Each year we have different topic. This year we’ve been doing cushions! Some parents were so creative! So on Dec.7th (Monday after Dec. 6th) Santa arrived to Montessori to give our children a lot’s of presents. They were so happy! We’ve been singing for Santa and even dancing with him! 

My group with Santa

Because of Christmas season my classes are also circling around Christmas. So we did talk about Santa and his reindeers, we’ve been wondering what can he bring us this year and how he is traveling around the world.
Santa in pieces :)

Santa in one piece :)

Reindeers and sleigh

As December is a winter month we also started some topics connected with this season. We are counting snowflakes, snowmen or Christmas trees. We will decorate paper Christmas tree, creating our own Christmas balls, stockings and bells. We will wonder how should we dress up for winter season and what fun things can we do in winter. We will even build our very own snowman in classroom! J That means a lot of work for me as it have to be very well prepared to be attractive for kids! That is the hardest part but also a fun for me. I have to prepare all the activities and accessories by myself – that take a lot of time but it is also great fun. Sadly many people think that teachers have such a light work that it is almost not a work but only some fun time. Many people don’t even imagine how hard we have to work so it will look like we have such a good time and, what is the most important, so our kids will have great time by learning. If there are any teachers here you probably know what I mean. I am preparing stuff for preschoolers and primary school kids as I am teaching both and each age group needs something different.

Mittens colors matching WIP

Snowmen memory game

Christmas memory

As you see there is not much time left for stitching. I failed to make my small SAL pieces on time but I already done October and November, so there is only one piece left. The rest is in many different phases of creation. I did some pieces that I haven’t planned and haven’t done the pieces that I planned at the beginning of 2015. I still would like to do the pieces I planned for this year so I will try to do it in 2016. I hope that I will have some time to finish at list few things from my list before this year will end but if I fail I won’t be disappointed. The most important thing for me is not the timeline but the joy and happiness that it brings me. As long as stitching will be giving me the relief and pleasure I will be stitching even if it will go very slowly. So here are some pieces that I’ve done and some that I am still working on:

I hope you enjoyed reading this looooong post. Thanks for your support and all the kind words. I will be very glad if you will visit me next time even if you will have to wait for my next post as long as you’ve been waiting for this one.



  1. What fun Christmas projects, you have been so busy!

  2. I can just feel the excitement of your classroom Weronika. And what an honor to be chosen as the main interpreter.

  3. It was interesting to read about your work at school. It must have been exciting to have guests from foreign countries. And so good that the headmaster decided to continue the program. That brings the world into the classrooms.
    No wonder that you rarely have time to stitch. But what you finished looks so good.

    1. Thank You Brigitte! I will try to have more updates about my job :) I'm really glad you enjoy it!

  4. So sorry for you and the loss of your grandmother. Know that she lives in your heart.
    How interesting that you are hosting students. Very kind of you.
    Your kids are precious. Wonderful age to be teaching. No wonder you have little time for stitching. With all thoses little minds to keep occupied, lol!
    Lovely stitching!