Oct 11, 2015

Is it October already?!

Hello Friends!

Wow! Time flies so fast! It’s really October? I can still feel the sun shining over the Baltic shore while I was there in July! And now days are getting colder and shorter. It’s dark and chilly outside when I come back from work or from my student’s houses after private tuition.

If I could I would like to stay in my room the whole day just stitching and reading! But soon there will be some time for that as Christmas is coming – I know it’s more than 2 months, but the time flies so quickly…

Among my many activities and mantles I can still find some time for stitching. Thank God because I really need it. Stitching gives me the moment of relaxation and the opportunity to think some things over. It is sooo nice to sit in cozy, warm room with a cup of tea, my favorite music, needle and thread. The only con of stitching is that I can’t combine it with reading J.
OK, so this is what I managed to do from my last post here:

There were two more fairies – green and orange – but they already went for charity stitching and I forgot to take the pictures L. I am very close to finish my African dancers – only one left to fill in with colors. And now I can start something new I suppose. I know I have some WIPS waiting to be finished like Lost bouquet or Harry Potter crest but I think it is just not their time yet. I am so eager to start something new, something bigger this time, but I feel remorse that I still have some more WIP’s and if I will start another projects my WIP pile will be growing again instead of decrease.
As I already told you I am working with immersion group in my kindergarten. I am so happy about it! In my opinion it gets better and better with every day. Children like songs that we are singing, the task that they have to do during our morning circle time, they understand more and more with every day and I am so amazed what a remarkable memory they have! Parents and headmaster are also happy with our results and this is a huge compliment for me. Soon we will have two big events in our kindergarten. First is that we will have a visitor from Albania! Next week we will host a woman from that country. She will come to us to tell us about her homeland, the school that she is teaching in and about the culture of her country. Our kids prepared some lovely gifts that she will be able to give also for her students in Albania. They can’t wait to meet her! As well as I, to be honest… J  I will have to be her interpreter as she don’t speak Polish.

The next great news is that our headmaster would like to change our kindergarten into linguistic one – it will still have the Montessori style but we will be more focused on language and multicultural education. Among many other ideas that our boss has, there is one that I like the most: he would like to annually invite some people from abroad that are connected with Montessori education around the world. It also means that we will have a chance to visit some Montessori schools and kindergartens abroad! To do this he will need someone to coordinate all the contacts between us and our guests. Someone who can use fluent English and this will be the task for ME! 

I will surely write you something about our Albanian guest as well as about my role in our international contacts with other Montessori schools and kindergartens. I can’t wait to start this amazing project!

Thank You all for your visits here and all your support and your good, encouraging words! You’re amazing!

Kisses and hugs,


  1. Oh Weronika, I am so happy for you dear! And proud of you too, if I may say. ;) You are accomplishing so much at school. Good for you!
    Your stitching is great! Glad you find time for it.

  2. Wonderful stitching! Congratulations on so many finishes!
    Your school group is very talented. Learing new songs and about other country's.
    Lovely update!

  3. Wonderful finishes and great news with your job!

  4. Great stitching and good luck with your project at school.

  5. What an interesting post, Weronika--it sounds like your teaching is going so well :) My youngest son is currently down in Argentina studying. He decided that is the best way to learn is to immerse himself in the culture and language.

    Lovely stitching--it is so good for our souls, isn't it?

  6. This is great news about your job, Weronika. It's so important for children to learn about other cultures and languages. It will open up their mind and heart for other people.
    Great stitching that you were doing. So many finishes that you accomplished.

  7. Lovely finishes & great news all round... great post :)