Feb 26, 2015

February finish and some WIP's.

Hello dear friends!

I haven't been posting for a while but it doesn’t mean that there is nothing stitching going on! I am still stitching a little bit of this and that. As I haven’t got much free time lastly (lot's of extra hours at work) my improvement is not very big but I am doing my best.

Good news is that I managed to finish February stamp for Smalls SAL. On time this time! Actually I finished it at the beginning of the month and it was waiting patiently for the check-up date.

February stamp by Lizzie Kate.

I am trying to slowly stitch the patterns I planned in January. By now I have even completed one of the patterns I’ve chosen.

This is one of the sea themed patterns “Home”. I’ve done it yesterday but there is still some finishing missing. I must think about framing it as well.


Another one is on the way. I started it yesterday just after I made the last stitch on the previous one. Still in sea mood.

"Home" still WIP

There is also some improvement in my art nouveau. There is still no lady on it but the frame is finished and the blue circle is going on quite nicely. There is still a plenty to do but this pattern is going nice and without any mistakes so far.

"Art nouveau lady" WIP
And there is one more pattern on which I made some improvement. My owl is growing slowly. It is all black by now but after I stitch the black edges I will fill it with many bright colors. I can’t wait to start this part.

"Owl" WIP

I’ve read many opinions about stitching with black and colors. How do you think which way is better: to start with black first and then add colors or start with colors and then go to black edges?

My other projects are still abandon by now. I know I can’t work on too many at once but I still feel remorse that I haven’t completed Harry Potter crest or lost bouquet yet. I just can’t pick those patterns so they are lying and waiting for their time. I can feel how they are calling me to pick them up but I just can’t organize myself. In Potter crest there are only two colors missing!

I hope to write another post sooner and with more finished pieces that this time. Congratulations for those who are posting more often and who are able to do a lot more wonderful finishing. I am reading your blogs and admire your work. 

Have a nice stitching everybody!



  1. WOW! Congrats on both beautiful finishes! Fun being in a Sea Mode LOL!!!
    Lovely stitching & other projects you have.
    I so enjoy getting to rotate different wips.
    love Annette

  2. Very pretty stitching--I especially like your Lizzie Kate February colors!

  3. Wonderful stitching!
    I don't use black as a single color. I like to use DMC Vareations for color.

  4. Nicely done on your projects.

    I've never given thought to whether stitching black first or another color first. I've always done whatever colors I felt like. Not much help.. sorry.

  5. Hmm, I think it depends on how many strands of black I am using. On my FF pieces, I find that it is much easier to work the color first since I use one strand of it vs the two of black. When I did it the other way around, the colors were trying to pull the black through from the back, if that makes sense. It's hard to start that way though; I love working outlines and filling in with color haha.

    Great stitching on your projects, I'm really looking forward to the art nouveau one. I've always enjoyed that style of art.

  6. Great work!

    I generally stitch with the black first and then fill in the colours. However, if the back is next to white, I will stitch the white first and then stitch the black. I find that if I do it the other way, the white picks up too much fluff from the black and looks dirty.

  7. Your two finishes are very beautiful. And some nice progress on your WIPs.

  8. Just wanted to thank you on leaving a sweet comment on my blog. But when I wanted to thank you - there is a no-reply address. So I didn't have your email address and thought I would let you know here on your comments.
    love Annette