Jan 30, 2015

January stitching


It was quite a long time since my last post. It doesn’t mean that I am not doing anything. I am following your blogs my friends and I am so amazed how much work have you done on your stitching! It’s nice to see so many new projects and how you are progressing on your WIP’s. 

I am still stitching as well, but there is always so many other things to do that there is not much time for this pleasure. I am trying to do my best and, step by step, I am trying to fulfill my stitching list that I made in January.

And that is how far I am with it now:

One of the marine set "Home" 

Art Nouveau - a piece of frame stitched 

Jesus silhouette - a piece of crown of thorns stitched

January stamp by Lizzie Kate - Smalls SAL

January Carnation - Flower of the month SAL

Second marine themed stitching - "Little Boat"

Marine again - "Home"

African dancers - blackwork done now it's time for some color

As you can see there are few new starts. I am also still working on my “Lost bouquet” and “Harry Potter Crest” but sadly there is not much improvement on those. What about my SAL’s I know that I am already late with them as they should be done by the end of January, but I will have to end them with some delay. (There should be some February start soon and I still haven’t got January done! So sorry Alyssa and Heather). But I am sure that I will end them soon and of course I will start another one as planned.

Have a good weekend and have fun with your stitching! 

Until next time! I hope to post something soon :)



  1. Hi weronika
    Beautiful starts !
    You started a lot of lovely projects.
    Look forward to see new updates
    The african dancers i have never seen the look amazing
    Wish you a lot of happy stitching hours

  2. Thank You so much Esmeralda for your kind comment. I found those dancers somewhere in the net very long time ago and finally decided to do them.

  3. Beautiful stitching - new follower - looking forward to see what comes in future months.
    Well you had lots of starts - I wish I had been able to get inspired that much. I did start my Flower of the Month and will be finishing it in Feb (I hope)

  4. Great starts and I am pleased to see someone else who hasn't finished her carnation yet. Look forward to seeing your pieces grow