Jan 31, 2015

January finish!

Hello Friends,

When I saw all the beautiful stitching you've done for Smalls SAL I felt remorse that I haven't done mine on time. So I did a super fast stitching and... here it is! My first finish of 2015 - January stamp by Lizzie Kate!

January Stamp
Ufff that was a really quick stitching. Why can't I stitch all my projects so quickly? I know! I really need a deadline to do this ;) And your support of course!


Jan 30, 2015

January stitching


It was quite a long time since my last post. It doesn’t mean that I am not doing anything. I am following your blogs my friends and I am so amazed how much work have you done on your stitching! It’s nice to see so many new projects and how you are progressing on your WIP’s. 

I am still stitching as well, but there is always so many other things to do that there is not much time for this pleasure. I am trying to do my best and, step by step, I am trying to fulfill my stitching list that I made in January.

And that is how far I am with it now:

One of the marine set "Home" 

Art Nouveau - a piece of frame stitched 

Jesus silhouette - a piece of crown of thorns stitched

January stamp by Lizzie Kate - Smalls SAL

January Carnation - Flower of the month SAL

Second marine themed stitching - "Little Boat"

Marine again - "Home"

African dancers - blackwork done now it's time for some color

As you can see there are few new starts. I am also still working on my “Lost bouquet” and “Harry Potter Crest” but sadly there is not much improvement on those. What about my SAL’s I know that I am already late with them as they should be done by the end of January, but I will have to end them with some delay. (There should be some February start soon and I still haven’t got January done! So sorry Alyssa and Heather). But I am sure that I will end them soon and of course I will start another one as planned.

Have a good weekend and have fun with your stitching! 

Until next time! I hope to post something soon :)


Jan 3, 2015

2015 Stitching Goals

As it's time for some new year's resolutions I want to list my stitching goals for 2015. I'm sure that I won't be able to stitch them all, but I will do my best. 

So here there are:

Finish current WIP's:
  • Harry Potter crest
  • "Lost bouquet"
  • 4 ballerina's silhouettes
  • 4 African dancers
  • Christmas alphabet grid
  • Zebra
  • 5 Fairies silhouettes
Start and finish (I hope) new projects:
It is a very long list (some of the projects are small but some are quite big) so it's a big challenge for me to finish them all. I am a good planner but realization is harder than planning. I will try to do my best and I hope you will support me during my stitching. Also if I will be able to do all these patterns during this year - especialy Nora Corbett - I decided to try Mirabilia next year. I really like how it looks like when done and I have my favourite patterns but I am afraid to start a project so big, because I am really weak in doing big projects. But who knows...

So, let's start stitching!