Dec 8, 2014

New challenges for 2015 – signing for SAL’s

Hello Friends!

As I am addicted to cross stitch (but I find it really difficult to end some of my started projects) I decided to join some SAL (stitch a long) groups.  The idea is to start a new project each month of the year and finish it by the end of the year.

So from the beginning of 2015 I will join 2 SAL’s. First one started by Alyssa from This one is focused on stitch 12 flowers – each for one month of the year – from “Flower of the month” charts by EMS Designs. Second one is started by Heather from This one is focused on stitch 12 small project, again – one every month. You can read more about it on their blogs.

As I am a lazy stitcher and I often abandon my projects for a long time that will be a big challenge for me. I will have to organize and move myself. I hope that taking part in SAL’s will help me with that. Maybe this will minimize the stack of started cross stitch project that are lying in my room waiting to be ended at last. I will also start some projects that I always wanted to do but never had time, energy or motivation to do that.

Four of my Christmas ornaments are stitched already (sadly only four of them, there is much more waiting in the queue), but they have to be sew together and stuff to become proper ornaments. I will post some pictures of them later.  I hope they will some new pieces soon.

Have a good week everyone! See you soon!



  1. Welcome to the SAL! Glad to have you join, and look forward to seeing your progress throughout the next year.

  2. Hello

    I enjoyed looking at your blog, your stitching is beautiful x

  3. I am joining in on the flower sal. It will be fun! :o)