Dec 4, 2014

Lazy stitcher

Hello Friends!

Lastly I am a very lazy stitcher. There are so many things to do that there is not much time left for stitching. I planned that at the beginning of December I will already have 5 or 6 ornaments done and prepared to be hang on a Christmas tree. But my constant changes in the duty roster at my workplace completely changed my plans.

So there is not much progress to show, but let me post here a few photos. There will be at least 4 more. And of course they all will be sew into proper Christmas ornaments. So that’s how my work looks like now:

First from the set of 4 winter animals.

Because I planned to do some more Christmas stitching and I found a beautiful pattern for a Christmas candlestick ( just need to find a proper glass and stitch a pattern on a proper piece of fabric) I’ve also done some shopping. So here are my first metallic DMC flosses. I’ve never used metallic floss before and I hope the effect will be worth the cost of it. And to make a difference this time I decided to buy green and red fabric instead of white. I hope to show you something made from this soon.
My first metallic DMC flosses.

And the rest of the purchase.
And the only question is: why does this cross stitch stuff have to be so expensive?

I took part in a Christmas card exchange. Shirlee from start a great idea of exchanging Christmas cards from different places. It is such a nice idea especially because sending traditional Christmas cards seems to be abandoned and replace by emails and text messages. I’ve already prepared some beautiful Christmas cards and I will send them tomorrow. I hope Shirlee will like them. I really like the idea of such exchanges. I would like to take part in some more of them. Maybe I will start one by myself? Would you like to take part in some nice Christmas themed exchange? 

Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time!


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