Dec 28, 2014

Christmas and stitching.

Hello everybody!

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas this year. In my family Christmas this year are different because of my grandma illness. She was released from hospital few days before Dec 24 and she returned to her house. Unfortunately she is unable to walk or even sit by herself by now so she spends all the time in a special bed. We are taking shifts by her so she won’t be alone any minute. This gives me the opportunity to stitch a little more because at my grandma's house there is no internet connection. So I am focusing on stitching and reading most of the time.

That is how I managed to finally finish my Christmas ornaments. I told you that I am a lazy stitcher. By this time I should have done much more but half a loaf is better than none. I even try to do some beading for the first time. It was fun. Now I think I will use beads more often in my stitching. 

All four Christmas animals.

Here there are separately, so you can see the details:

It is the first time when I used beads in my stitching so I only used them for finishing some of the edges. Here is some closeup:


Now I am going to plan my stitching for the next year. Maybe when I will write it down here so everybody will be able to see it, it will be easier to accomplish my plans. There will be some WIP’s that I haven’t done yet and some new projects – big and small – that I always wanted to do. I know that I probably won’t be able to do them ALL, but I will be happy if I will manage to do at least 50% of them. I also hope to get some encouragement from you friends.

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  1. Love those patterns, they are adorable. Love the bead finishing too, great idea!