Apr 3, 2018

I am looking for a book. -International book exchange.

Dear Friends,

Lastly I found an amazing movie on YouTube and it was “Love finds you in Charm”
This movie is based on a book of the same title written by Annalisa Daughety. It tells the story of an Amish girl struggling with her life choices as she has to choose between two different lives. This movie was so heartwarming and wonderful that I’ve started to look for the book so I can compare them. Unfortunately books or e-books of this author are not accessible in my country.

But what about a book exchange? If anyone have got this amazing book and would like to exchange it for another book (in English of course) I will be really willing to do so. Maybe there will be more of you who would like to exchange some books by mail?
What do you think about such an idea? Please let me know in comments. I hope there will be a group of people who would like to enter such an exchange so we can experience our book tastes and discuss some of our reading choices.

I know that sending mail abroad is sometimes expensive so we all have to take it into consideration. But isn’t it worth a little effort to get the book you really wish for, read it and discuss it with your fellow readers?

I am looking forward for your responses.

Thank You for stopping by and enjoy your reading!


Mar 11, 2018

It's March!

Hello dear Friends,

I haven’t been here for ages! I miss you all so much! There are some things I would like to share with you and I have a special treat for you too.

During this whole time I was absent from my blog I had a lot to do – as always. The amount of obligations I took for myself this year is too much for me. This is a lesson for the next year. Actually at the beginning of this school year I told myself that I will reduce my extra classes hours. Unfortunately I am not very good at keeping my promises to myself and I took more than the last year. So with all my preschool hours and my tutoring hours there is not much time left for other stuff.

First of all I would like to share with you some news from my preschool. Despite some tense atmosphere at my workplace, that surrounds me especially, there were some nice moments this last months. We’ve been visited by three amazing guests from far away. Francielli from Brasil, Phily from China and Aman from India. They told us about their countries, we also have a nice chat about culture, schools, people and many other things.

From left: me, Aman, my Boss, Francielli, Phily

These last months we had some trainings for teachers including Montessori ways of teaching and first aid. I felt nice knowing all the answers and being adulated by our trainer (I sound like a cracker doest’ I?).  I’ve never thought that I will need the second one so quickly. The next day after the first aid training a girl from my group had a huge nose bleed. It ended up calling emergency medical services and taking the little girl to the hospital. Thankfully she is well now.

I try to keep some balance between work and free time and I do what I can to find some time for reading and stitching. I started my new stitching project (another one!) which is a mandala. It is called “Plum pudding” and it comes from Glendon Place series of A-Maze-ing Dessert Collection. The chart says to use 2 strands of floss and it is the first time I am doing this. I always use 3 strands so at the beginning I was afraid that the floss won’t cover the fabric well. But finally they were right (obviously) and the covering is perfect. It is also the first time when I use DMC threads instead of a Polish brand Ariadna that I’ve been using all the time. I like the floss very much but it’s slightly more expensive.

It was going like this:

And here is where I am now with my stitching:

I am a little bit afraid how I will manage attaching the beads that this pattern includes. But I will worry later about this. Any tips about beading? Will be very thankful for your advices.

I will work on a felt project for our Easter fair this year. I have to sew human internal organs that will be movable like puzzles. The idea is that kids are about placing the organs into proper places on a human-shaped mat. It will be a huge thing to sew and I haven’t even started yet! I will show you how it will look like when I finish.

Another plan for this year that I made is that I want to read at least 100 books during 2018. I love reading! I could do nothing but reading and stitching, but – again – I don’t know why but my day has got only 24 hours! How to do all of this?! Until now I finished reading 14. Not much, but it is only March. Are there any interesting books you are reading now? Maybe you may recommend me some titles? The pieces I am reading right now are: “Lolita” by Vladimir Nabokov, “Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales” (the original ones) and “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” by Victor Hugo.

Thank you all for visiting my blog and for sharing your wonderful work and interesting life on your blogs. I am really happy I can be a part of it. Sorry I haven’t been commenting on your blogs lastly. I promise to catch up on it as soon as possible.

And now the treat J

I am about to start a series of giveaways. This will be the first time for me to do so. I want to know if you would like to participate in such giveaway. It does not matter where you are living. I will be delighted to send you a nice package of stitching and non-stitching goodies. If there are any people interested in it please comment under this entry. If there will be some people interested I will post my first giveaway post soon. Please let your friends know about it.

I am unable to take part in many giveaways because of the place where I live as most of you do not ship abroad. I understand that, because sometimes the cost of shipping something abroad is very high. So if you know some stitching bloggers who are making giveaways around the world please let me know as I am very interested in taking part in some of them.

Thank you all for visiting! I am looking forward for you comments.

With love,

Oct 7, 2017

Felt and other pleasures…

Hello Friends.

First of all I want to thank Pamela from Hokkaido Kudasai blog for a wonderful gift I’ve got! After I wrote here about our continents baskets Pam send me a huge package from Japan! There were gorgeous items  that You may see here:


After a horrible Friday at work I really needed some relax. As a part of it I went shopping. So I bought a pair of new shoes (a pair of new shoes ALWAYS makes woman better), a lovely scarf – in a mustard yellow shade, and of course – books. This time I found some Nora Roberts books in a good price. I felt much better.

Lastly I start working with felt. I was trying it in the past, but now I checked for some tutorials and I’ve learned how to do the blanket stitch. And now I really enjoy working with felt. By now I am trying to sew some flat items such as pockets, bags or pendants but I would like to try some solid items too.

Christmas gift bag

Bag pendant

Cell phone pocket

I would like to use felt to prepare some items for my class to make our lessons more attractive. I found a lovely rhyme about Rudolph the reindeer and I am making felt toy to portray the story. That’s how it looks like (it’s not stitched together yet):

During process...


I would like to do more from felt. I think it’s a good material to use for teaching purposes as well as for useful items or gifts.

I can’t remember when was the last time I've been stitching! (OK I did a little bit of stitching ot the felt bag...) I left my work unfinished and I can’t go back to it! There are so many other things to do and when I have some time I mostly take a book or watch a movie. I have to do something with it – there are so many wonderful projects to stitch!

I hope You all enjoy your autumn time in any place You are now!

Lots of love 💗,

Sep 8, 2017

Hearty request

Dear Friends,

As You may know I am a teacher in Montessori preschool in Poland. Among many Montessori helpers there are these wonderful continents boxes.

In these boxes/baskets there are about to be some souvenirs from each continent. This is how children can learn about foreign countries and their culture. We collect these things thanks to our travelling or people who are kind to present us with some small souvenirs from their travels (this is how we get a lovely Chinese brush from our friend Deryl who came to us from China).

Unfortunately there are not so many souvenirs that our children’s parents are willing to give us. I bring something from every place I travel to but I’ve never been outside Europe, so some of our baskets are almost empty.

My greatest request for you my dear Friends is as follow: If anyone would be so kind to send me even the smallest souvenir from his/her country? It could be anything: a magnet with some significant picture connected to the country it comes from, a figurine, a key ring or pendant. Anything actually…

I will be so grateful for any help. I offer some souvenir/gift from Poland in return.
If anyone of you will be interested in helping me please contact me via my e-mail address: w.slodynska@gmail.com

Thank You for all your help!

With love,

Sep 6, 2017

Summertime is over! Let’s go back to work!

Oh, I haven’t been here for a while and I have some memories to share with you.

Let us come back to the end of the school year. I was fortunate to be the one to host our annual gala for the end of the school year. So I stand one more time on the stage of our culture center “Muza” to lead the ceremony. I was proud of my students – how they grown during those years at kindergarten! Very emotional and stressful moment.

After the ceremony, there was our annual sleepover. Graduates and teachers spend a night at kindergarten to play and watch movies. The weather was great so we had barbecue and we play a lot in our garden. Then we watched “Zarafa” – a great movie about adventures of a little giraffe and her friend. In the morning everyone was very happy but a little bit tired too.

The day after that I went to summer camp with kids from school. We spend two weeks by the seaside. We’ve been playing and learning and have a lot of fun. I was so happy that headmistress ask me to go with them! I really like to work with her and teachers from school. She was my teacher when I was learning there at the school for 6 years, some of the teachers were my teachers and some I’ve met during my internships. Working with them is a lot of fun and I can learn a lot form them as well.

After I came back from the camp I went to another big trip. This year I was fortunate enough to visit Lisbon. It was my first time in Portugal as well as my first plane flight! So emotional! I saw many beautiful places and met a lot of wonderful people. I haven’t seen everything I’ve planned to see but I hope to go back there one day and see all the wonderful places I’ve missed this time. Everything there is so marvelous: the weather, the food, the people and places! Here are some photos from my trip:

I have to go back to my stitching that I abandoned somehow. Not only to the pieces I’ve started and never finished. I want to prepare some nice little Christmas gifts for my friends. I know it is September and there are more than 3 months till Christmas but I know how long it takes me to finish a piece of stitching so I better start right away.

Back at work we have two new kids in my classroom. Francis and Julie are both around 3 years old. It is always very nice to have new kids to start a new journey with them, as well as came back to our older children to start a new chapter together. They all grown up during summer and are full of energy for the new school year. I hope it will be at least as good as the passed one. (No illnesses this time I hope).

I’ve got some big plans for this year, but I will write about them when I will be certain that they will take effect.

Thank You for your visit. I hope you enjoyed this post.

See You!


May 1, 2017

April, Easter and snowy Spring!

Hello Dear Friends!

The second half of April started but it looks like In Poland Winter forgot to go away. But let us start from the beginning.

Easter snow. That is how my garden looked like on Easter morning :)

First of all I spent a lot of time at home lastly. Why? I got chicken pox! I was the only one among teachers but a lot of kids from my kindergarten got it. So I spend two weeks at home resting and taking some medicines. It went quite gently for me the only trouble was a high fever that I had during the first three days. When the fever dropped I had some time to read, stitch and prepare my Easter.

Unfortunately because of my illness I missed the annual Easter Fair that we have in Montessori. I did all the tasks that I was asked to do like baking a lot of cookies, prepare painted branches, made some Easter ornaments. I also prepared some Easter cards with kids from my group and we learned a cute song “bunny hop” and a dance to portray the lyrics of this song. I wasn’t able to sing it with my children due to my sickness, but as far as I know it went really well. Here are some pics from our Easter Fair that were published on our kindergarten facebook account:

One of the Easter cards we created.

Chicken cokies - crunchy round pieces with lemon coating.

Another lemon cookies with powder sugar.

Coconut cookies with a lot of  coconut shreds.

French pastry cookies with sugar

We had a lot of things to do at home as well. A lot of cleaning, baking and cooking. Together with my mum we made delicious food and nice decorations to bring the Easter spirit to our house. During the Great Week I’ve been also helping my friend Peter – who is a musician and organist in our church – while he was playing during the ceremonies. I’ve been some kind of technical support for him (I’ve been handling the digital projector and taking care of some technical stuff). I like working with him so I was really pleased that I could help this time.

All the crochet decorations are made by my dear Aunt Barbara. She can do such a lovely things with her threads and crochet hook!

My tiny little yorkie - Sequin - was also well prepared for Easter. He even went to hairdresser :). And - thanks to nice lady there - he transformed from a pile of fluff into real Yorkshire Terrier:

Before :)

After :)

 During my time at home I’ve been spending my time mostly on reading and stitching. That is how I managed to read some nice books both in English and Polish.  When my parents friend get to know that I am ill and spending my time in bed she came to visit us and bring me bags full of books so I won’t get bored. It was really nice. I found some interesting positions there.

And, the last but not least, some stitching. I haven’t done as much as I could as always. First of all I’ve made some felt sacks combined with some stitching. Here is one of them – with some Easter bunny. I found out that working with felt is really nice (some time ago I’ve made a felt box) so I hope to create more of felt-stitched pieces one day. And there are some cross stitched pieces that I don’t know what to do with yet.

Bunny silhouette with some pastels in the background.

Finished bunny sachet.

Before I attached the bow on the top

And some that are still unfinished:

Hawaian statue with flowers

Anither bunny saschet - this time black

Divergent symbols (I am with love with this books)

As yoou can see I still have a lot of WIP's and the pile is growing instead of shrinking ;).  I like starting new projects so much! But I promise: I will finish them one day :)

That’s all for today. Thank You for your visit. See You next time.