Sep 8, 2017

Hearty request

Dear Friends,

As You may know I am a teacher in Montessori preschool in Poland. Among many Montessori helpers there are these wonderful continents boxes.

In these boxes/baskets there are about to be some souvenirs from each continent. This is how children can learn about foreign countries and their culture. We collect these things thanks to our travelling or people who are kind to present us with some small souvenirs from their travels (this is how we get a lovely Chinese brush from our friend Deryl who came to us from China).

Unfortunately there are not so many souvenirs that our children’s parents are willing to give us. I bring something from every place I travel to but I’ve never been outside Europe, so some of our baskets are almost empty.

My greatest request for you my dear Friends is as follow: If anyone would be so kind to send me even the smallest souvenir from his/her country? It could be anything: a magnet with some significant picture connected to the country it comes from, a figurine, a key ring or pendant. Anything actually…

I will be so grateful for any help. I offer some souvenir/gift from Poland in return.
If anyone of you will be interested in helping me please contact me via my e-mail address:

Thank You for all your help!

With love,

Sep 6, 2017

Summertime is over! Let’s go back to work!

Oh, I haven’t been here for a while and I have some memories to share with you.

Let us come back to the end of the school year. I was fortunate to be the one to host our annual gala for the end of the school year. So I stand one more time on the stage of our culture center “Muza” to lead the ceremony. I was proud of my students – how they grown during those years at kindergarten! Very emotional and stressful moment.

After the ceremony, there was our annual sleepover. Graduates and teachers spend a night at kindergarten to play and watch movies. The weather was great so we had barbecue and we play a lot in our garden. Then we watched “Zarafa” – a great movie about adventures of a little giraffe and her friend. In the morning everyone was very happy but a little bit tired too.

The day after that I went to summer camp with kids from school. We spend two weeks by the seaside. We’ve been playing and learning and have a lot of fun. I was so happy that headmistress ask me to go with them! I really like to work with her and teachers from school. She was my teacher when I was learning there at the school for 6 years, some of the teachers were my teachers and some I’ve met during my internships. Working with them is a lot of fun and I can learn a lot form them as well.

After I came back from the camp I went to another big trip. This year I was fortunate enough to visit Lisbon. It was my first time in Portugal as well as my first plane flight! So emotional! I saw many beautiful places and met a lot of wonderful people. I haven’t seen everything I’ve planned to see but I hope to go back there one day and see all the wonderful places I’ve missed this time. Everything there is so marvelous: the weather, the food, the people and places! Here are some photos from my trip:

I have to go back to my stitching that I abandoned somehow. Not only to the pieces I’ve started and never finished. I want to prepare some nice little Christmas gifts for my friends. I know it is September and there are more than 3 months till Christmas but I know how long it takes me to finish a piece of stitching so I better start right away.

Back at work we have two new kids in my classroom. Francis and Julie are both around 3 years old. It is always very nice to have new kids to start a new journey with them, as well as came back to our older children to start a new chapter together. They all grown up during summer and are full of energy for the new school year. I hope it will be at least as good as the passed one. (No illnesses this time I hope).

I’ve got some big plans for this year, but I will write about them when I will be certain that they will take effect.

Thank You for your visit. I hope you enjoyed this post.

See You!


May 1, 2017

April, Easter and snowy Spring!

Hello Dear Friends!

The second half of April started but it looks like In Poland Winter forgot to go away. But let us start from the beginning.

Easter snow. That is how my garden looked like on Easter morning :)

First of all I spent a lot of time at home lastly. Why? I got chicken pox! I was the only one among teachers but a lot of kids from my kindergarten got it. So I spend two weeks at home resting and taking some medicines. It went quite gently for me the only trouble was a high fever that I had during the first three days. When the fever dropped I had some time to read, stitch and prepare my Easter.

Unfortunately because of my illness I missed the annual Easter Fair that we have in Montessori. I did all the tasks that I was asked to do like baking a lot of cookies, prepare painted branches, made some Easter ornaments. I also prepared some Easter cards with kids from my group and we learned a cute song “bunny hop” and a dance to portray the lyrics of this song. I wasn’t able to sing it with my children due to my sickness, but as far as I know it went really well. Here are some pics from our Easter Fair that were published on our kindergarten facebook account:

One of the Easter cards we created.

Chicken cokies - crunchy round pieces with lemon coating.

Another lemon cookies with powder sugar.

Coconut cookies with a lot of  coconut shreds.

French pastry cookies with sugar

We had a lot of things to do at home as well. A lot of cleaning, baking and cooking. Together with my mum we made delicious food and nice decorations to bring the Easter spirit to our house. During the Great Week I’ve been also helping my friend Peter – who is a musician and organist in our church – while he was playing during the ceremonies. I’ve been some kind of technical support for him (I’ve been handling the digital projector and taking care of some technical stuff). I like working with him so I was really pleased that I could help this time.

All the crochet decorations are made by my dear Aunt Barbara. She can do such a lovely things with her threads and crochet hook!

My tiny little yorkie - Sequin - was also well prepared for Easter. He even went to hairdresser :). And - thanks to nice lady there - he transformed from a pile of fluff into real Yorkshire Terrier:

Before :)

After :)

 During my time at home I’ve been spending my time mostly on reading and stitching. That is how I managed to read some nice books both in English and Polish.  When my parents friend get to know that I am ill and spending my time in bed she came to visit us and bring me bags full of books so I won’t get bored. It was really nice. I found some interesting positions there.

And, the last but not least, some stitching. I haven’t done as much as I could as always. First of all I’ve made some felt sacks combined with some stitching. Here is one of them – with some Easter bunny. I found out that working with felt is really nice (some time ago I’ve made a felt box) so I hope to create more of felt-stitched pieces one day. And there are some cross stitched pieces that I don’t know what to do with yet.

Bunny silhouette with some pastels in the background.

Finished bunny sachet.

Before I attached the bow on the top

And some that are still unfinished:

Hawaian statue with flowers

Anither bunny saschet - this time black

Divergent symbols (I am with love with this books)

As yoou can see I still have a lot of WIP's and the pile is growing instead of shrinking ;).  I like starting new projects so much! But I promise: I will finish them one day :)

That’s all for today. Thank You for your visit. See You next time.

Apr 23, 2017

Reading corner - part 1. Book series.

I really enjoy reading book series. Why? Because when I read one really great book I always want something more. Do you know this feeling when you finish a good book and you miss something, you want to stay in this amazing world instead of coming back to reality? I certainly do. This is why I really enjoy reading book series because I love the idea that there is something more and more. So here are some book series that I especially enjoyed. I hope you will find something for yourself too.

*           Harry Potter; some may said this series is for children only but I can’t agree. I started reading HP books when they came out in 1997 and I was growing together with the main character. I think it was really good to understand the changing that were happening in the main characters. And it was really building the tension from the first book to the last – the darkest one in the series. But I also enjoyed reading it in my 20’s as I found there many things that I haven’t noticed as a child.

*             Divergent; I am really happy that one day I started watching this movie on TV because that’s why I looked for the books. I’ve read them all, one by one, very quickly as they really engaged me. I especially like the main female character and the bond between Tris and Four. It was nice to read a book where the female character is so strong and independent.

*              The Chronicles of Narnia; series of books about mysterious land on the other side of the wardrobe is so charming and entertaining. Not only a kids story but a tale about bravery, friendship, loyalty and amazing  experiences. C.S.Lewis created so many amazing characters and magical places that, even in the age of 26, I still want to step inside my wardrobe to look for Narnia ;)

*            The Book of Sherlock Holmes’s all accomplishments; it is actually one book containing all the Holmes stories by sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It is the thickest book that I own (1124 pages). I really like all the stories by Conan Doyle and I am very grateful that he “resurrected” Holmes from dead to continue his adventures. The only thing with this particular book is that it is so big and it’s quite inconvenient to read it without any table to lay it on.

*              Andersen Fairy Tales; well known tales for children written by Danish writer; I grown up on this stories, my mom were reading me them to sleep; fabulous worlds and characters, my favorite: “The Little Mermaid”

*         Grimm Fairy Tales; another well known authors of children stories. Grimm’s tales were much darker that Andersen’s. At least the first take of them – the one published in 1812. The one that is best known today are those published in 1857 – much more child-friendly. I spent a lot of time to get to the real ones but it was worth it! So if you haven’t read the dark and scary Grimm’s Fairy Tales yet I hardly recommend you to do that.

*      The Song of Ice and Fire; this is one of the book series that I took to my hand after seeing  few episodes of TV series called “The Game of Thrones”. It’s very entertaining, sometimes violent, full of action, plot twists and very representative characters. I especially like the strong women figures. My favorite: Daenerys Targaryen – the Mother of Dragons. I went through the first book entitled “The Game of Thrones” much more for me to read.

*     The Hunger Games; another series of books that I found thanks to a movie. It seems somehow similar to “Divergent”. It is also very adventurous, with a lot of action and strong characters. Big pros for the leading female character – Katniss Everdeen. I also went through the first book, I like it a lot so there are two more for me to go.

*      The Southern Vampire Mysteries; this is another famous vampire series next to the “Twillight” series. I’ve red both of them but I am much more fond of “True Blood”. It seems to be less childish and much more serious. It is also more exciting to read. I went through the first book, more are waiting to be read.

Mar 18, 2017

March, spring and a lot of things to do

Hello dear Friends!
I haven’t been here for a while and I missed blogging very much. The reason why I’ve been absent for such a long time is the amount of work I have to do every day. I was a little bit lazy with blogging as well, but I made a lot of different things instead and I want to share them with you.

In January we celebrate Grandma and Grandpa Day. Each kindergarten group has got its day for the gala. First children prepare invitations for their grandparents, then we are practicing poems and songs and finally we perform in front of our lovely public. This year I’ve chosen poems related to every month of the year. Kids have been wearing bands with items connected to each month during their speeches. They have been singing a lot of songs including one in English, dance “Nigun Atik” dance that they learned at Dancing kids classes and they gave their Grandparents handmade heart-shaped candle  holders.

January is the month for carnival fun. In our kindergarten we had a great costume party. This year we went to celebrate with Smurfs. Together with my wonderful friend Iwona we decorated our gym with blue and white and turn it into Smurf’s Village. Posters with mushroom houses, Smurfs characters, blue and white balloons were hanged on the walls. Songs from the movie welcomed children when they arrived and accompany them during their dances. We had some funny competitions; we danced together some circle dances from Dancing Kids classes, play with balloons and had a lot of fun together. It was a lot to prepare but the result was really satisfying for me.

Each day in our kindergarten we learn something new. Not only kids are learning – teachers are learning too. In February we receive first-aid training. It wasn’t the first one that we had but it is very important to repeat it at least once a year. This time our teacher was Mr. Paweł Powązka one of our Montessori parents and  a rescuer in our copper mines. He brought all the necessary equipment so we can practice a lot. I was very pleased when I found out that I know the answer for all Mr. Paweł questions when he was examining us during the training to see how much we already remember.

In March together, with kids from my group, we went to amazing classes about animals. In Lubin we have a very special Education Centre in the biggest park in our town. The title of the classes we took was: “What can swim, fly, crawl and run.” Children could learn about the mammals, reptiles, fishes, birds and insects that are the most common for our environment. They took part in quizzes, puzzles and games about biology and zoology. We have been very proud when they surprised the teacher from the Centre with their knowledge about biology. We are Montessori kindergarten – we learn a lot! Actually they have the knowledge of primary school children. So the woman was very surprised by their answers and kind of puzzled as well.

March is also an international woman’s day. So our Boss presented us with tulips on this occasion. We were also very pleasantly surprised by some of our kids who brought us some flowers on that day. I’ve got some beautiful flowers from one of my student’s father as well.

In March we had our annual „I will show you Montessori” meeting with children and their parents. On that special day kids are their parents’ teachers. We invite parents into our Montessori classrooms and we give them the opportunity to work there with their children. Students are taking the lead and they teach their moms and dads how to work with Montessori materials. It is so much fun to see them so proud of what they do every day, to show their parents their classroom and what they learned there.

And now two more very important days are coming. First day of spring that we will celebrate by having a spring parade and Easter fair – this year will include not only auctions but also concert prepared by kids that will include songs and dancing. I can’t wait for it! There is a lot of preparation now: making Easter cards, some pieces that we would like to sell on the fair and auction and a lot of decorations to do.

On my English classes we were going through a lot of topics. during the winter time we had the story about one lost mitten, we learn about the weather, animals and festivals such as Christmas, valentine’s Day and Groundhog Day, we count, we sing, we learn new words every day. Here are some pictures from the things I prepared for my children.

Now it is time to take out some spring stuff.  It’s time to take out new cards that I prepared lastly. Among them there are: spring flowers, most common birds, kitchen tools, environments elements, animal covers, fabrics patterns, nocturnal animals. I am about to create some cards for natural disasters (kids have been asking where does tornado comes from and why we haven’t got it in Poland), furniture and probably something more.

Cards for youga exercises.

Cards for word building. What words starts with SNOW?

Mittens with numbers and dots. Match each number with the propoer amount of dots.

Pictures for J.Brett "The Mitten" story.

Memory game with snowmen.

Winter words - picture cards.

Snowflake memory game and domino.

Nocturnal animals cards.

Most common birds.

kitchen devices

spring flowers

Alphabet charts. We are lerning words that starts with each letter of the alphabet. Here is letter A.

English speaking countries - flags and maps.

English speaking countries - cards.

And here are some pictures from our everyday at Montessori. We are working, playing, singing and doing many many more. Here is our morning circle routine. We already updated our calendar, and now we are practicing counting and dressing our bear in his winter clothing.

And last but not least my stitching. I made some cross stitch work lastly. I actually have two small finishes of Snoopy and some new starts of a dolphin, the Divergent symbols (I started it when I was reading the books) and some sea horse are finished. I know it is not much but it is at least something. I fell in love with some Alice in Wonderland patterns and some London themed pieces but I suppose they may end up on the pile of “to do” charts and will lay there forever…

This will be all for now. I hope to write something about our Easter fair and concert and to show you some more stitching on my next entry. There will be also some new books reviews on the “Reading corner” tab at the top of my blog.

See You dear Friends, have a nice March!